Why Gravely?
Longevity. Reliability. Value.

  • So why have so many people for generations stood by the Gravely brand? Plain and simple, the equipment stands up to the work. This steadfast reliability and honest value has made Gravely the brand of choice for commercial landscaping professionals. Commercial-duty through and through, Gravely means business for grounds, turf and lawn maintenance.

    With a rich heritage of quality and power, Gravely lawn equipment has worked the American landscape since 1916. When a brand is dependable for that long, you can bet it will stand up to your jobs.

    Work a Gravely and you will experience the passion and pride, the attention to detail, the confidence that went into putting it all together. We're committed to build professional landscaping equipment to meet your high-performance expectations.

    "The dependability and reliability of a Gravely has helped us grow in a tough economy. With these machines we can do jobs faster and more efficiently, which bring in more profit."Wade Martin, Martin Lindsay Landscape, Beauford, South Carolina