Hydro-Gear® Extended Life Transmission Program

Ariens Company has partnered with Hydro-Gear to provide a third year of warranty coverage on Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 and ZT-3400 transmissions featured on Pro-Turn 400, Pro-Turn 200, Pro-Turn 100, as well as the Pro-Stance 48, 52, and 60. Ariens Company and Hydro-Gear believe that by obtaining proper transmission maintenance (oil and filter changes), these proven integrated transmissions will provide thousands of hours of performance.

HydroGear ZT5400.JPGCustomers who purchase one of these units on or after October 1, 2014 are eligible to extend the transmission warranty by following a simple preventative maintenance program as described in the owner's manual. This optional program does not carry any upfront costs, but customers may "opt-in" by simply getting transmissions serviced by a local Gravely dealer.

In order to qualify for the third year of the Hydro-Gear transmission warranty, customers must have their transmission oil and filters changed by a local Gravely dealer within a 50 hour window of the maintenance intervals required in the manual starting at 75 hours and repeated every 400 hours thereafter.

Ariens Company and Hydro-Gear are certain that with appropriate preventative maintenance, these transmissions will provide years of exceptional performance.

Program Details:

  • Equipment must be purchased and registered on or after October 1, 2014.
  • The warranty is only eligible on products containing Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 and ZT-3400 integrated transmissions.
  • The first transmission oil and filter change must be completed within the first 75 hours of use.
  • Service kits must be ordered by the dealer to complete the transmission service, these part numbers will be used to add the service record to the product's warranty records.
    • ZT5400 service kit part # 592228
    • ZT3400 service kit part # 594027
  • Dealer must complete transmission service and log it to the Ariens Company warranty system at the time of the service.
  • The extended warranty program begins when the first service is logged on the model and serial number of the affected unit within the first 75 hours of usage.
  • All services must be completed within 50 hours of the designated intervals listed in Gravely equipment manuals (75, 475, 875, 1275, 1675, 2075, 2475, 2875).
  • Warranty is non-transferable.
  • Third year of coverage is for parts only.

Gravely Adds Propane Option to Pro-Stance and Pro-Walk Models

As energy prices continue to trend higher, Gravely responds by offering equipment that uses more efficient alternatives to traditional fuel sources. With the upcoming introductions of the Pro-Walk® Hydro LP 48 and the Pro-Stance® LP 52, Gravely will have a complete line of LP (Liquid Petroleum Gas) products.

Propane-Images.jpgLiquid Petroleum Gas, or propane, has several advantages over gasoline. For starters, over 97 percent of propane is produced in North America, and on average, costs 20 to 30 percent less. Additionally, some clients value lawn care professionals with a fleet that leaves a smaller carbon footprint – giving those contractors the opportunity to expand their clientele.

Here is a first-hand testimonial from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County with their thoughts on the use of propane.


Today, Gravely's LP-powered lineup includes the Pro-Turn® 460 LP and the Pro-Turn 472 LP, with the Pro-Stance 52 LP following in late October 2014, and the Pro-Walk Hydro LP 48 in Spring, 2015. Gravely also offers LP conversion kits that can convert a number of Gravely gasoline-powered models to LP.

Check with your local Gravely Dealer if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.

Day 5 - GIE+EXPO 2014 Summary

The majority of the equipment displayed at the show is delivered to dealers to be eventually sold. Meanwhile, the show room display has been packed up and stored away for the next show.

Once again Ariens Company was very pleased with the response from GIE+EXPO and the many great people who attended. There was a lot of activity throughout the week in our indoor and outdoor show room. Many positive comments were heard not only for our current Ariens and Gravely products but also for the much anticipated Gravely Atlas JSV.

GIE+EXPO-2014-Outside-Booth.jpgIf you were not able to attend GIE+EXPO, we hope our daily posts kept you up-to-date and informed you on the activities in Louisville. Watch the video below, as we put together highlights from GIE+EXPO and what it means to the Ariens Company. 

GIE.EXPO.Dan-Ariens.jpgWe are very passionate about our brands and what they have to offer to you, our customer. Not only do we offer to commercial landscape contractors, but also the home owner with lawn and garden, snow and chore. Our goal to YOU is to astound our customers - at GIE+EXPO, we are able to accomplish that.

Day 4 - GIE+EXPO Highlights

Thursday at GIE+EXPO was open to all industry participants – and we definitely noticed. There was a steady stream of anxious customers looking to demo products at our outdoor booth.

The Ariens indoor showroom brought winter to Kentucky.


Here are some highlights from today:

The Gravely Atlas soaking up the spotlight at the booth. Click below to view the Atlas in action.


In the video below is the Pro-Stance 52, FL 23 HP Kohler EFI LP 52"  - an all-new addition to the Gravely fleet.


Ariens and Gravely Power Brush in action outside.



Day 3 - Dealer Day at GIE+EXPO

Today is all about the dealers at GIE+EXPO. From educational sessions and supplier meetings to product introductions and networking, dealers were invited to the Ariens and Gravely show floor see our newest additions in commercial and residential lawn, garden and snow products.

More than 800 people passed through handfuls of Ariens and Gravely machines throughout the day – getting an exclusive look and insight into some of our latest products.

Ariens Company CEO, Dan Ariens – along with Ariens and Gravely employees - are particularly excited about the newest equipment.

Gravely happily sponsored the dealer keynote lunch for the day, which focused on working smarter, reducing stress, and leading by example from Steve McClatchy, President of Alleer Training  & Consulting. Gravely also sponsored: "You Are Here" signs, the video on shuttle buses, and badge holders for all attendees.

Three lucky winners left the Ariens and Gravely show floor today. Bailey P. from Parke's Power Equipment, Julia W. from TGB, and David K. from Target Tool Rental & Sales went home with iPad minis!

Day-3-Inside.jpgIf you are attending GIE+EXPO we look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Booth #7120 inside and outside. If not, you can follow us minute-by-minute by "Liking" our Ariens and Gravely Facebook Pages or Twitter pages (@GravelyMowers and @Ariens). 

Take a look at a quick recap of today's events and stay tuned for more tomorrow as landscape contractors join us for a day of demos, discoveries and more.  Click here.

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