Successful Planet Student Career Days Event -2013

Planet Student Career Days is an annual three-day competitive event for students enrolled in horticulture programs from colleges and universities across the country.  Students have an opportunity to compete in events directly related to the skills needed for their particular career path in the green industry.  Prospective employers in the industry are at the Career Fair, and this event gives the students a chance to meet and discuss potential job opportunities.

Planet.girl on mower.jpg

Gravely sponsored the Truck and Trailer Competition.  This competition allowed two people to practice their safe driving skills.  It also gave them the opportunity to properly load and strap a Gravely mower onto a trailer.  This was a practical experience for them and allowed them to work together as a team to perfect their skills.

Many students stopped by the Career Fair to ask about Ariens, what we do and find out about the opportunities in our industry.

Gravely also sponsored the Sales Event which gave students ten minutes to complete the sale of a landscape design project.  It taught them many skills such as professionalism, how to overcome objections and how they could improve in the future.  Everyone was very appreciative of the feedback given following the sale.

It was a great event not only for the students involved, but also for the companies who sponsor this event as we had the opportunity to work with some great future leaders in our field.

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