Maintenance Free Semi Pneumatic Tire . . . The Tire that Won’t Leave You Flat

Gravely realizes how valuable your time is and knows the importance of comfort for those who spend a lot of time mowing.  Because of this, Gravely uses a semi-pneumatic tire for several of its commercial mowers to provide a smoother ride and also to reduce downtime as they will not go flat.  Semi-pneumatic tires are designed with an air pocket in order to create the cushion a pneumatic wheel provides.

Benefits include:

  • Maintenance free - will not lose air
  • 'Pneumatic-like' cushion over bumpy terrain
  • Puncture free and will not go flat
  • Will hold up to the strong side-to-side turning forces of the zero turn

Gravely's Pro-Turn 400's, Pro-Turn 200's and Pro-Master 200's models come standard with the semi-pneumatic tires.  If you want to add semi-pneumatic tires to your mower, a set of two semi-pneumatic wheel assembles is part number 79101000.  Visit your local Gravely Dealer for more information.