Gravely Dealer of the Week - Farm to Home Equipment – Yuba, CA

Farm to Home began their business as an Ag equipment dealer and started doing repairs on lawn and garden equipment in May of 2012.  Because of the demand in the lawn and garden area, they steered their priority to taking care of their lawn and garden customers, and they added the Gravely line about three months ago.  They have sold numerous push and zero-turn mowers and have generated a lot of interest for Gravely in an area that has been unfamiliar to the brand and zero-turn mowers in general.  Their best-selling Gravely at this time is the ZT HD 48".

They take pride in being courteous, helpful, and friendly.  They look at every customer that comes through their door as an opportunity, and they help them solve whatever problem they are having at the time whether it involves sales or repairs.

Their "Tip of the Week" is to be aware of the damage that can be caused by ethanol fuel.   By far their number one repair is fuel related problems caused by the ethanol that is in our fuel.  They actively advise their customers on ethanol fuel and the harmful effects of it on all their equipment by performing a phase separation demonstration on the fuel at their shop.  They dip the containers with water detection paste so they can see for themselves the effects of ethanol fuel and moisture and what effects it can have on their equipment.  Here is some additional information from OPEI on the effects of ethanol use in the outdoor power industry.

Check out Farm to Home Equipment's website see what is going on in their area.