The Building of a Brand - Gravely

Have you experienced the satisfaction of a ‘job well done’ using one of Gravely’s commercial mowing products such as a Zero-Turn, Stand-On or Walk-Behind?  Maybe you have accomplished a task with Gravely’s chore products like the log splitter, lawn sweeper or truck loader.

The model of the machine, in this case, doesn’t really matter as each Gravely product was designed and built to help Gravely customers accomplish their goals, whatever they may be.  It might have something to do with the fact that the Gravely brand is owned by Ariens Company, a fourth-generation family business. According to Mike Ariens, Chairman of the Board, his proudest moment over his 50+ years with Ariens Company was “doing things right, honestly with enjoyment and with purpose.” Check out the video interview of Mike’s Proudest Moment to see why there is so much pride that goes into the Gravely brand.

When discussing the evolution of Gravely over the decades, Dan Ariens, President and CEO, points out that Gravely has been around since 1916.Mike attributes Gravely’s success to the fact that Ariens started with a company that already had a brand name established, and with loving care of the product, which includes continuous improvement and working with and for the customers, Gravely has become the commercial brand that it is today.

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