Gravely Dealer of the Week - Garden Grove Lawnmower Inc. – Lake Wales, FL

Garden Grove Lawnmower has been in business for a total of 14 years and a Gravely dealer for 4 years.  They are a family owned business known for their outstanding customer service, and they take pride in helping their customers when it comes to sales and service.

Their best-selling Gravely mower for their area is the Gravely ZT HD with a 60-inch deck.

Their "Tip of the Week" is to treat others the way you'd want them to treat you.  This "golden rule" is what makes them successful.

They have also benefited from Gravely's fleet pricing when dealing with the landscape customers.  According to Scott de Wilde, "Our landscape professional customers say that they really like Gravely.  They have no complaints, and Gravely produces very durable equipment."

Stop by to visit with them if you are in the area.