What do snow removal and lawn dethatching have in common? The Gravely Power Brush!

The power brush is a great multifunctional product that works for snow removal, dethatching and cleaning up pavement and other surfaces.  Whatever the case may be, our Gravely Power Brush may be a great solution for you.

The features of the Gravely Power Brush make it an easy task for many situations:

  • The all-season Subaru engine and electric start work well for any weather. 
  • The 40-degree brush head rotation with an operator-controlled pivot lock enhances maneuverability.
  • Automatic traction control for effortless all-wheel drive.
  • Replaceable brush core ensures optimal performance.
  • Height adjustment system accommodates various surfaces and optimizes brush wear.

Click on the images below to see the power brush in action:


If you would like additional information on our power brush, visit our Gravely website, or contact your local Gravely dealer.

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