Gravely Dealer of the Week - Caldwell Outdoor Equipment - De Soto, MO

Caldwell Outdoor Equipment has been in existence since 1996 and has been a Gravely dealer since 2010.

Their best-selling Gravely mower is the ZT XL 54-inch, and their most popular attachment is the seat suspension kit.  The suspension kit can be used on several Gravely units including the Compact, ZT XL and ZT HD models with a standard seat thus providing additional comfort for the end-user.

Caldwell Outdoor Equipment is unique in that they also have a full service lawn maintenance company in addition to their dealership.  Because of their experience in the mowing business, they can offer expertise and advice on equipment that only comes from being in the field every day.

According to Justin Caldwell, "We work hard and treat our customers right, but it is God that has blessed and prospered our business!" 

Caldwell Outdoor Equipment's tip of the week:  When considering purchasing a zero-turn mower, make sure you test drive it first!  Many customers assume that all mowers are created equal and that they all "drive the same".  When they ride a Gravely mower, they are surprised at how different it drives vs the competitors! 

Stop by their dealership if you are in the area to check out their lineup.

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