Gravely Dealer of the Week - Neil's Small Engine, Inc. - Larose, LA

Neil's Small Engine, Inc. opened for business 35 years ago, and they have been selling Ariens since 1982 and Gravely since 1992.

Their best-selling residential mower by far is the ZT 42-inch and for commercial the Pro-Turn 460's have become popular in their area.  Their most popular attachment is the mulch kit as they are the most common for the mowers.

Customer service is their secret to success.  Their turn-around time in the shop area is one to two days. "We have increased our parts inventory tremendously in the last few years. Having the parts on hand saves so much on the turnaround time. If you have to wait 2 or 3 days for parts that is a formula for disaster", according to Matt Adams.  This success has been noted by Ariens as Neil's Small Engine has won many dealer awards throughout the years.

Neil's Small Engine is also a Gravely exclusive dealer which makes it easier to stock parts for one line rather than multi lines. Increasing their personnel and educating their staff on products and service is their main focus which is a major step in staying ahead of the game. According to Matt Adams, "It certainly does help when Ariens Company offers us products from one source to fill all our needs from consumers to commercial customers. Also taking care of our business and not worrying about competition is key. A dealer's major competition is yourself if you worry about what the other guy is doing. Take care of your home base, and you control your own destiny."

Neil's Small Engine's Tip of the Week:  Reduce down time - A major problem with commercial users is when they try to get too much time out of their equipment. They need to understand that down time needs to be measured not only in repair expense but also include the time the crews are sitting around waiting. You can't recover lost time. The benefits of the Gravely fleet program is the best in the business. For a new or existing landscaper it is an easy way to get the right equipment to do the job. The 0.0% financing is a major part of this also. I think the benefit is going to be proved in time whenever the landscaper sees the revenue it has created. Most of our Landscapers talk positively of the Gravely products. Sometimes we'll lose one and then they return a couple of years later when they figure out the products and our service are the best.

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