The New Gravely 36-inch Pro-Stance is Now Available!

Just in time for the spring mowing season, our 36-inch Commercial Pro-Stance​ is now available and will be arriving at Gravely Dealerships soon.  This 36-inch model, #994119, will have many of the features of our popular 48, 52 and 61-inch Pro-Stance models.  The 36-inch model will work great for those who need to get through gates and into small areas, and the handy flip-up suspension platform makes this mower convert to a walk-behind thus allowing more room on your trailer and in your garage.
​​To help kick off the availability of our newest 36-inch Pro-Stance model and to continue to promote our other Pro-Stance models, we are excited to announce that we are offering an instant $500 rebate with the purchase of any Gravely Pro-Stance model.  The $500 will be taken off at the time of purchase which makes it easy for you to take advantage of this offer.  This promotion will run through March 31, so hurry in to your local Gravely Dealer to set up a demo, if you haven't already ​tried one, and buy your Gravely now!  Go to our Gravely website for the complete listing of our Gravely products. 

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