Gravely Dealer of the Week – Marina, Inc. - Lachine, QUE, Canada

Marina, Inc. has been in business since 1976, and they have been a Gravely Dealer since 2002.  Their best-selling Gravely mower is the Pro-Turn 460, and their most popular attachments for their Gravely customers are the baggers.

Marina, Inc. is unique in that they are a one stop shop.  Their landscaper customers can come to their store and purchase all their landscape supplies (i.e. soil, mulch, pavers, etc.).  In addition, they can purchase their landscape equipment and drop off their machines for maintenance.  Marina, Inc. is also conveniently located which makes it handy for their customers to stop by to do business.

A few factors that contribute to their success is that they offer their contractors who are running Gravely equipment same day service for regular maintenance and road service, and they have a large inventory of parts in order to make this work successfully.

According to Marcello Menniti, "Gravely's Fleet pricing allows for increase cash flow to the operating costs and allows landscape contractors to buy more machines because of the exceptional savings."  Marcello's landscape contractors say Gravely is built like a tank, has the most comfortable operator cockpit, reduces cutting time and has a cut quality second to none.

Stop by Marina, Inc. if you are in the area.  They will be holding their open house with special Fleet pricing on Thursday, April 3rd, so plan to attend and see what they have to offer.

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