Gravely Dealer of the Week – Gravely of Chicago/Mowerworks – Lake Barrington, IL

Gravely of Chicago opened in the mid 1950's and began carrying Gravely equipment from day one.  In 2000, Mowerworks took over ownership with continued success selling Gravely products.

To date, Mowerworks' best-selling Gravely mower is the Pro-Stance due to its maneuverability, professional quality of cut, and competitive pricing.  Kohler EFI models are their most popular Pro-Stance model this year as customers have become comfortable spending a little more on a mower in order to save 20-25% on fuel costs with the new fuel injected Kohler engine.  Over 55 Pro-Stance units have already been sold this spring with additional sales in the works.  Their most popular attachment is the bagger and bracket.

Mowerworks listens to their customers and helps them in many aspects of business from financing new purchases to diagnosis and repair of equipment to providing fleet evaluations with recommendations for improvement.  Employees go above and beyond standard practice to make sure customers are confident with their purchase by educating them on proper use and maintenance of their equipment.  They stand behind what they sell and ensure equipment is set up properly and "Ready to Race."  This additional time spent is what makes Mowerworks so successful.

Mowerworks' Tip of the week - Partner with companies that care and listen to your needs, and they will help you grow and be profitable.

According to Jill Halloran, Owner, "Gravely's Fleet pricing is less expensive and easier to qualify for than some of the other brands out there.  Also, it includes products that others don't such as edgers, dethatchers, vacs, and blowers."

Mowerworks recently delivered 38 Pro-Stance units, a couple trailers full of Hydro Walk-behind mowers and other miscellaneous lawn equipment to Ryco Landscaping of Lake in the Hills, Illinois.  Ryco, a family owned landscape business, has taken delivery of their Gravely units and will be out cutting with them for the first time this week.

"Our landscape customers say that Gravely is an innovative, growing, professional, and helpful company to partner with!" states Jill.

Mowerworks Fleet Sale is this Friday and Saturday May 2-3, so stop by to see what they have to offer if you are in the area.