Gravely Dealer of the Week - Grass Pro Shops – Brandon, FL

Grass Pro Shops has been in business for over 20 years. They began offering Gravely equipment five years ago, and it has proved to be a top-selling equipment line ever since.  Their best-selling Gravely mower is the Pro-Turn 260 , and the most popular attachment is the mulch kit.

Grass Pro Shops' success is attributed to the fact that they cater to professional landscapers with a large parts inventory and the most experienced technicians in the area.  Their entire staff understands and tries to meet the needs of customers by keeping in mind that customer service is key.

Grass Pro Shops' Tip of the Week is: Regular Maintenance!!!  According to Tony Ham, Owner, "Maintenance is not something you do after you have experienced a problem.  Maintenance will not only prevent problems, it will also help you catch them early so you can minimize down time and repair costs."

"Gravely's Fleet Program is the best in the business!  It allows smaller landscapers to buy on the same level as their competitors," states Tony, "and it provides the best 'bang for the buck'!"  Time and time again, their professional landscape customers come back for top-quality Gravely equipment at competitive prices.

Stop by Grass Pro Shops to check out their Gravely product offering if you are in the area.

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