Gravely Dealer of the Week - Turf Depot – Salem and Manchester, NH

Turf Depot opened in 1936 as an Ariens/Gravely dealer from the beginning. Currently, Turf Depot operates two stores in New Hampshire — Granz Power Equipment located in Salem, and Still's Power Equipment located in Manchester.

Their best-selling lawnmower is the Gravely Pro-Turn 460. The demand for this particular model was recently demonstrated during a Fleet Sale of five Pro-Turn mowers to the University of New Hampshire!

They take pride in providing superior customer service by going above and beyond what customers expect. During their recent fleet delivery to the University of New Hampshire, Turf Depot's marketing department came along to assist and take pictures of the crew with their new equipment. The grounds crew was pleased to receive their Gravely mowers and the excitement of their partnership with Turf Depot was mutual.

According to Stephen Hebert, Director of Marketing for Turf Depot, "Getting our customers' replacement parts is also a priority. We operate a website that offers parts diagrams and online ordering. In addition to our website,, we publish a 275+ page parts catalog supported by a team of commercial parts specialists. Our call center operates 8 am -5 pm as the go-to parts team for major landscape companies, municipalities, and grounds crews across the country."

Turf Depot's tip of the week is to use rain days as an opportunity to perform routine maintenance and inventory landscape equipment. It goes without saying that a rainy day means a day in the shop, but it can be taken to the next level by creating an inventory of everything you have. Expedite the inventory process by using a camera phone to photograph each machine and document its model and serial number. There are even "apps" that assist in taking inventory which makes ordering parts or completing insurance claims much easier!

Stop by a Turf Depot location if you are in the area.

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