100 Years of

Benjamin Gravely is born in Dyer’s Store near Martinsville, Virginia.

1876 tm-hr-img-1876

Benjamin Gravely roughly designs a power-driven push plow.

1911 tm-hr-img-1911

Benjamin Gravely receives a patent for his motor plow.

1916 tm-hr-img-1916

Benjamin Gravely incorporates Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Company for $200,000.

The first Model D — complete with a single wheel and a 2.5-horsepower, water-cooled engine — rolls off the factory floor.

1922 tm-hr-img-1922

The Mount Rushmore National Monument site is dedicated.

1925 tm-word-white-mount-rushmore

The next generation of the Model D — with a four-cycle, two-horsepower engine — is produced.

The sickle bar mower is introduced.

1928 tm-hr-img-1928

The Model L — with a five-horsepower engine, one reverse speed and two forward speeds — is introduced.

1935 tm-hr-img-1935

Benjamin Gravely retires from day-to-day management.

The redesigned Model L two-wheeled tractor is introduced.

1937 tm-hr-img-1937

Tractor stations are established to produce units on a mass scale.

1943 tm-hr-img-1943

The United Nations Charter is signed in San Francisco.

1945 tm-word-white-united-nations

Gravely establishes Gravely Overseas, LTD, an assembly line factory in England.

1949 tm-hr-img-1949

The Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Company becomes Gravely Tractor, Inc.

Benjamin Franklin Gravely dies at age 76.

1953 tm-hr-img-1953

The Model D is dropped from the U.S. product line.

1954 tm-hr-img-1954

Gravely builds a manufacturing plant in Albany, Georgia.

1956 -Albany Pant Mid 1960s

Gravely President D. Ray Hall sells the company to Studebaker Packard Corporation of South Bend, Indiana, for $12.6 million.

Gravely Tractor, Inc. purchases the Winchell Manufacturing Company in Fort Scott, Kansas, the makers of Clean-Cut Mowers.

Gravely now has four plants: Dunbar, West Virginia; Albany, Georgia; Fort Scott, Kansas; and Torquay, England.

1960 tm-hr-img-1960

The Clean-Cut manufacturing plant is closed in Fort Scott, Kansas.

1964 Clean Cut Mower-1961-1964

The Beatles stage their American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show.

1964 tm-word-white-beatles

Gravely introduces the 424 lawn tractor.

The Gravely Tractor division of Studebaker Corporation breaks ground for a $4 million manufacturing plant on a 100-acre site in Clemmons, North Carolina.

1967 tm-hr-img-1967

Production stops in the Dunbar, West Virginia, plant, while production begins at the new Gravely plant in Clemmons, North Carolina.

The company’s name changes to Gravely Corporation.

1968 tm-hr-img-1968

Gravely Corporation of Clemmons, North Carolina, adds two new compact tractors and a third Convertible tractor to its product line.

1969 Convertible

Gravely Corporation merges with Studebaker-Clarke, a world leader in floor maintenance machinery, and becomes the Clarke-Gravely Corporation.

1970 tm-hr-img-1970

The first Earth Day is observed.

1970 tm-word-white-earth-day

Gravely introduces the 816 riding tractor.

1971 tm-vt-img-1971

The first meeting of the Gravely Dealer Council is held in Marco Island, Florida.

1975 tm-vt-img-1975

The 817 tractor and four new two-wheeled Convertible tractors, the 520, 522, 524 and 526, are introduced.

1976 tm-vt-img-1976

Gravely establishes two product categories: consumer and commercial.


The GMT 9000 and the 8000 series tractors are introduced.

1977 tm-hr-img-1977

The movie Star Wars opens in theaters.

1977 tm-word-white-star-wars

The new 818T, 816T and 5000 series tractors are introduced.

Gravely purchases Hahn’s mower line of walk-behinds and riders.

1978 tm-vt-img-1978

McGraw-Edison purchases Gravely.

Gravely introduces the engine-driven, 40-inch wing mower and the commercial four-wheeled tractor.

1980 Product-27-2

Ariens Company of Brillion, Wisconsin, purchases Gravely.

The Pro and Pro-Master lines are introduced, and the Hahn equipment line is sold to Gilson.

1982 Ariens-Exterior

Demolition of the Berlin Wall begins.

1990 tm-word-white-berlin-wall

Gravely manufacturing, engineering and administration departments are moved to Ariens Company in Brillion, Wisconsin, while the sales and marketing departments are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Gravely plant in Clemmons, North Carolina, is sold.

1992 tm-hr-img-1992

Gravely’s sales and marketing departments relocate to Brillion, Wisconsin, bringing the entire Gravely operation under one roof.

1997 tm-hr-img-1997

Daniel Ariens becomes president of Ariens Company.

1998 Ariens_28August2012_Dan

The last original Peanuts comic strip appears in newspapers.

2000 tm-word-white-peanuts

The last Gravely two-wheeled tractor is produced.

The Gravely 44Z zero-turn, 1334 Pro G Walk, MZ1434, MZ1540, 144M, 152M, 160M, 252M and 260M are introduced.

2004 tm-product-2004

Gravely announces the Rapid M, Rapid E, Rapid U and Pro-Stance®.

2006 tm-product-2006

The Rapid XZ, PM 144, 1634 XL, ZT 1634 and ZT 1840 are announced.

2007 tm-product-2007

Gravely’s ZT 2450 is named Consumer Digest’s “Best Buy.”

Gravely announces the XDZLP.

2008 tm-vt-img-2008

Gravely launches Gravely Turf Equipment, geared toward golf courses and turf management nationwide.

2008 Final Turf Logo (2)

Gravely announces the All-Purpose Vacuum, edger, log splitters, Pro-Ride series, Hurricane Blowers, pressure washer, XD321 walk-behind and generator.

2010 tm-product-2010

The Gravely Atlas JSV™ is introduced.

2014 tm-hr-img-2014

Gravely launches the Pro-QXT™ Tractor, a two-wheeled tractor designed for commercial, industrial and government facilities maintenance.

2015 Gravely-Pro-qxt-tractor

The redesigned Pro-Turn® 400, Pro-Turn 200 and ZT XL zero-turns are announced.

Gravely announces smart technology on select assembly lines, improving employee ergonomics and increasing productivity by 90%.

2015 ___Pro-Turn2003

Gravely celebrates the 100th anniversary of Benjamin Gravely’s plow patent.

2016 100Logo_w_Mower