Gravely Ambassadors

2020 Gravely Ambassadors

Gravely Ambassadors are lawn maintenance and landscape professionals who share their experiences on social media while encouraging and leading others in the industry. Our ambassadors are motivated, hardworking thought leaders, and want to make a difference through the work they do in their careers.

Photo of Jared Crouse


Jared Crouse

Lawnscape, LLC

Jared Crouse’s ambition to start his own business stems from his desire...

Photo of Mitchell Gordy

North Carolina

Mitchell Gordy

Mitchell’s Lawn Care, LLC

Mitchell Gordy is a North Carolina Highway Patrolman who’s been using...

Photo of Kelsey Houston


Kelsey Houston

Kelso’s Clippins Lawn Care

Take one look at Kelsey Houston’s Instagram profile and it won’t...

Photo of Marcus McCall


Marcus McCall

McCall’s Lawn Care

Marcus McCall’s favorite part of being a landscaper in east central Florida...

Photo of James Nelson


James Nelson

J & J Lawn Service

Jim Nelson wanted to be in the majors as a kid and loved collecting baseball...

Photo of David Ovando


David Ovando

Mower Man Lawn Service

David Ovando started his lawn maintenance business in 2010 when employment opportunities...

Photo of Richey Plemons


Richey Plemons

Plemons Lawn and Landscape

Richey Plemons, like many of the Gravely Ambassadors, started his businesses...

Photo of Craig Willeford


Craig Willeford

Clean Cut Yards

Craig Willeford started Clean Cut Yards five years ago to work with his father,...

Photo of Andrew Wilson


Andrew Wilson

Cut and Clean Lawn Care

Andy Wilson has always had passion for entertainment and broadcasting. As he...

Photo of Wally Wood


Wally Wood

Beach River Landscapes

Wally Wood and wife Leah credit their five years of business success to standing...

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