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Get More Referrals for Your Landscaping Business

Tips for COVID-19 and your landscaping business:

There’s never been a better time to build relationships with your customers than right now. During this uncertain time, you may not be working, but you can be facilitating reviews and referrals from past customers.
  • Take this time to update your Google My Business listing
  • Ask for reviews from past customers on Facebook and Google
  • Update your website and/or Facebook page
  • Distribute flyers to create awareness for your business and services 


Customer referrals are one of the best ways to find new customers for your landscaping business. A referral program is a smart way to facilitate word-of-mouth advertising.
So, what makes a good referral program? Continue reading to learn how to receive more referrals for your landscaping business.

Reward Customers for Referrals 

Rewarding returning customers is a simple and effective way to receive more referrals. We recommend starting a customer loyalty program. When you have a returning customer, remember to make them feel important and appreciated. When a customer feels valued by your business, they’ll be more likely to refer you to others.
Another effective way to encourage your customers is by offering incentives. An example is rewarding your customers with a gift card or giving them a discount on services when they refer your landscaping business to a friend. The investment you make in your landscaping business referral gifts can speak volumes to your clients.
A simple hand-written thank-you note can convey that you value the partnership between you and your customer. Practical items relating to your business, like a hat with your logo, or a gift card to a local business are also ways to reward loyal customers.

Use the Internet

Encourage your customers to use social media and review websites to share their opinions about your business. Whether it’s a Facebook post, sharing a photo on Instagram, or a tweet, these are ways to receive organic and real-time feedback from customers. Aside from social media sites, getting customers to utilize Google reviews and Facebook reviews can have a tremendous effect on your landscaping business. 
Reminding customers who use the internet to showcase their positive experiences with you can draw attention to your business. Start asking your customers to post pictures on their Facebook page to show off the hard work your company did. Take advantage of social media because it gives your company free advertising. To learn more about the importance of social media and how to set up business profiles, click here.


Partner with Realtors

Realtors can also be valuable to your landscaping business. While realtors are showcasing homes to potential buyers or putting a client’s home on the market, those professionals can give referrals to those in need of landscaping. A realtor’s client moving into a new home is an opportunity for that realtor to refer your landscaping business – as long as you have a relationship with them.
Get to know these realtors in your area by attending home shows, networking groups, or a chamber of commerce meeting.

Look Professional

A landscaping business may not be the cleanest job, but that doesn’t mean you should look unprofessional. When a client knows they work with a professional team, they’re more likely to refer you to friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.
Maintaining a professional team while on the job is very important. Keep up the professional team image by supplying employees with branded gear and replacing their old gear when it wears down. The company vehicles and equipment should be kept in great condition and look clean when arriving to jobs. Your employees should also act professionally when speaking with clients and while performing their job duties.
Check out the Brooks Maintenance Crew (San Antonio, TX):


Get Started Today

Start creating a landscaping referral program through these simple tips. Learning to create and increase referrals for your landscaping business will grow your business. Maintain excellent customer service and use top quality landscaping equipment. Watch your company succeed when you start your landscaping referral program!