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Gravely Unveils EVZT

Last week, AriensCo and Gravely® wrapped up another successful showing at GIE+Expo, the biggest trade show in the outdoor power equipment industry. Like in previous years, we unveiled new products, including: The Pro-Turn ZX®, the redesigned Compact-Pro® and aerator and dethatcher attachments for the Pro-QXT® two-wheel tractor.

We also unveiled a concept: The EVZT zero-turn, the first commercially capable battery-powered prototype developed by a tried and true outdoor power equipment manufacturer. Up until this point, the only other battery-powered zero-turns on the market were designed for residential use and don't support the rigid equipment requirements of commercial landscape contractors.

While EVZT uses a different power source, it's still equipped with the same Gravely DNA and performance, meaning it's engineered to perform to the expectations of commercial landscapers. In fact, EVZT is engineered to perform at the same level of a similar-sized, gasoline-powered mower. Blade tip speed and cut quality are not compromised in this package that’s designed to be all-day capable after an overnight recharge.

Although gasoline still dominates the industry, battery-powered mowers have use in certain applications. For example, the EVZT's quiet operation makes it ideal for landscapers working around hospitals and nursing homes. It can also save up to hundreds of dollars in fuel costs in just one season.

While this unit isn't for sale yet, it will be priced competitively with others in the market. Like all Gravely equipment, our engineers are taking their time developing EVZT. We work hard to get it right the first time, which is why we haven't published a timeline for the machine's launch. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our emails to catch more EVZT updates as they become available.