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New Gravely Products for 2020

​Our reveal of the ne​w lawn mower​​s for 2020

Every fall, manufacturers in the outdoor power equipment industry reveal their newest lawn mowers, snow blowers and other new power equipment for 2020. Among that debut at GIE+Expo in Louisville, the industry’s largest trade show, are a group of new lawn mowers from Gravely. Besid​es a few upgrades across the commercial lineup, like sna​p lock belt covers, and new styling to the ZT X and ZT XL residential models, Gravely is showcasing a long-anticipated group of its newest American made commercial lawn mowers

New Gravel​​y Pr​o-Sta​​nce

Improved ha​​​n​​​dling

The new Gravely Pro-Stance is the newest and most innovative stand on mower of the outdoor power equipment industry. The third-generation of Pro-Stance comes with the same Gravely reliability, durability and power as its predecessors, but with an entirely new and enhanced user experience. The top story in this machine is its ground-up redesign. With completely new geometry, users are positioned closer t​​o the interior machine, giving the ride an improved center of gravity. Combined with a weight reduction of 100 pounds, users enjoy more confidence and superior hill holding ability, making the Gravely Pro-Stance the best handling stand on mower for any terrain.

Simplified des​​i​​gn

Taking lead from the rest of the Gravely commercial lineup, the Pro-Stance redesign incorporates simplification in its engineering. That means slashing its complexity and strengthening it through a reduced number of wear parts present on previous models. Much of this is in the cutting height adjustment system. With the same durable, fully fabricated steel deck as other Gravely commercial lawn mowers, the new Pro-Stanc​​​e mower deck is operated by a proven Gravely deck lift system, plus a couple enhancements. The Pro-Stance’s foot and arm deck lifts are carried over, but the foot-operated deck lift lever is moved from the left side of the machine to the right, giving users more leverage and requiring less effort to feather the deck over curbs, stumps and other lawn obstructions. The arm-operated deck lift lever now comes with a thumb switch that makes it easier to release the deck from its transport position. Pull the lever completely back to lock the deck in its highest position, change its cutting height with a vertical pin cutting height adjustment system (same as on Pro-Turn Z and Pro-Turn ZX models), then press the button on top of the hand lever to unlock the deck and release it to the cutting height between 1.5 and 5 inches.

Efficiency impr​​​ov​​ements

Increasing the Pro-Stance’s forward speed is only the tip of the new Pro-Stance’s efficiency characteristics. Fuel savings comes in the form of a new Kawasaki FT EFI commercial engine, which is available on models with 52 and 60-inch deck widths. This efficiency also carries o​ver to the ability to add up to three new tool holder accessories, including a trimmer holder, a backpack blower holder for of any backpack blower brand and a bucket holder. This allows operators to carry the whole landscaping setup with them, eliminating the need for trips back to the trailer, then back to the cutting area to finish trimming, blowing and trash collection.

32 inch stand on ​mo​​wer

Included in the new Pro-Stance lineup is a never-before-offered 32-inch stand on lawn mower model. The Pro-Stance 32 provides landscapers with ​a commercial stand on option that fits through narrow gates and around tight yards of metro areas. With the adjustable cruise bar that’s featured across the entire 2020 Pro-Stance lineup, users can limit the maximum forward speed of the steering levers to carefully maneuver through those tighter yards.

The redesigned Gravely Pro-St​​​ance is available in 32, 36, 48, 52 and 60-inch deck widths, comes with   constant belt tension and carries a 5-year / 1000-hour (with no hour limit in the first two years) limited commercial lawn mower warranty. 

New Gravely​​​ A​tlas JSV

Five years ago, Gravely created a new category of UTV, a job site vehicle – thus the JSV. Now, we looked at it with a fresh persp​​​ective to offer a design that gives more back to users in the demanding conditions of the jobsite. From construction to ranching, landscaping and everything in between, the new Gravely Atlas JSV is the UTV built for tougher work environments.

Added power ​​and ​s​trength

All new Atlas JSV models received upgrades through the entire powertrain. As they say, there’s no replacement for displacement, and by adding a larger, 999cc, 40-horsepower SOHC two-cylinder engine, it supplies more raw power right out of the gate. Its new heavy-duty clutch accommodates​​ a belt that’s 32% thicker than the legacy, increasing durability and lengthening belt life. A new driveline shifts sm​​oother through the automatic transmission from zero to a new top speed of 40 mph, compared to the previous 35 mph. With these upgrades, the Atlas JSV towing capacity increases 25% from 2,000 pounds to 2,500 – shattering our own standard for the ability to tow a ton, literally.

Chassis and sus​​pen​​sion

A major focus in the Atlas JSV redesign was engineering the machine to be more capable through even tougher work environments, and that’s why it’s built it around a completely new frame. A one-piece ROPS chassis has more rigidity, reduced noise and nicely compliments a new and improved suspension package. It’s part of the secret of its added 500 pound towing capacity, but the JSV’s independent rear suspens​ion also increases ground clearance to carry payloads from 1900 to 2075 pounds with less chance for bottoming out on uneven terrain.

Better ownership experi​e​nce

Owners, not just operators of the new Gravely Atlas JSV fleets enjoy benefits in commonalities. Identical keys across every JSV model and serial number eliminates worry and headache that can come from a lost key, and a common tire size for all four corners of the machine gives more value to any one spare. With easy side access to daily service items like the engine air filter, oil filter and oil dipstick, the Atlas JSV i​s a UTV with easy maintenance, which saves time and money.

Increased comfort a​​​nd user exp​erience

Part of our wish in redesigning the Atlas JSV was to make it better for our users. That means taking the time to follow an operator’s interaction with the machine to identify areas of struggle and opportunities for improvement. What we discovered is that the machine required more com​fort and ergonomics to match the demands of even more harsh work environments, so we made it a priority.

What we came up with is a better digital display, rejuvenated interior styling, added seat comfort and an additional five inches of space for work boots in the footwells. Additionally, the flip-up passenger seat creates space for a bucket to carry trash and other materials without ne​​eding to sacrifice bed space or seating. Finally, two of the four models come with EPS, or electronic power steering, standard.

New Atlas JSV m​​​odels will come in four configurations:

  • ​3400 SD – a three-seat, four-by-four with a steel box, electric bed lift and EPS
  • 3400 – a three-seat, four-by-four with a poly job box and electric bed lift
  • 3200 – a three-seat, four-by-two with a poly job box
  • 6400 – a six-seat, four-by-four with a poly job box, electric bed lift and EPS

Pro-Turn MAC​​​H ONE

Ready to break the speed of sound? The new Gravely Pro-Turn MACH ONE is a tunnel deck mower built on the tried and true Gravely Pro-Turn 200-series platform. The only difference comes in a unique deck design, known as a tunnel deck, which is designed to process more difficult grass breeds and higher grass volumes more efficiently. This design sets the mower blades four inches back from the front of the deck, allowing g​​rass m​​​ore space and time to “recover” or lift after being pushed over by the front of the deck. The enhanced grass lifting ability is just one characteristic of a tunnel deck that results in a premium cut quality.

Available in a 60-inch configuration, the mower deck’s three blades overlap each other by 1.5-inches to reduce the possibility for stragglers, streaking and mohawking turf. While most of the work is done on the inside, the visual differences on the outside are easier to spot when looki​​ng at the depth difference from left to right. From 5.5 inches on the trim side to a depth of 7.75 inches on the discharge side, the difference allows larger material volumes to move through the deck without bogging the blades down. This assures thicker and longer material can be cut effectively, efficiently and with even grass dispersion.

Like other Gravely​​ decks, the Pro-Turn MACH ONE tunnel deck comes with the same cold forged aluminum spindles, constant belt tension technology for consistent cut quality throughout the life of the belt and and easy deck level and pitch adjustment procedure.

​​Pro-Turn Z

If the initial year of the Pro-Turn Z showed anything, it proved this inexpensive commercial lawn mower had the right price point for filling a need amon​g landscapers. Built with the same Gravely reliability durability and power as the big boys, the Pro-Turn Z series is built on a commercial, fully welded steel tubular frame rail, features constant belt tension and offers users a comfortable ride from yard to yard. New for 2020, besides the added offering of a 48-inch mower deck to complete a 48-52-60, it’s 764cc Gravely engine now comes with a two-stage commercial filtration system. Compared to a panel style filter in the engine of the first model, a two-stage canister filter catches more dust and debris in dusty work environments, enhancing protection to the engine, extending its life and efficiency.

Gravely​​ is also making canister filtration kits available to retrofit the earliest Pro-Turn Z models and provide them with the same level of protection as the newest models.

​New Resident​i​​al Lawn Mowers for 2020

While the majority of the Gravely brand is built to offer commercial landscaping and lawn maintenance professionals with tough options to get their ​work done, Gravely also offers a residential line for homeowners who want the same strength and quality of a commercial zero turn lawn mower in a package for their home. This year, Gravely is updating its ZT X and ZT XL residential-series lawn mowers to match the look​ and feel of the Gravely lineup.

Available in 42, 52 and now a 60-inch deck size, the Gravely ZT X keeps the strength of its single-piece, fully welded steel tubular frame rail and power from a Kawasaki or Kohler engine. Additional changes come in the form of new fenders that give the ZT X a new, sleek and attractive look, as well as larger front tires. Operators will also enjoy the added comfort of its new, high-back seat.

ZT X’s bigger brother, the Gravely ZT XL, gets the same plus a desirable comfort feature and a new deck size. With a 48-inch deck width offering added to its 42, 52 or 60-inch counterparts, 2020 ZT XL​ models come standard with seat isolation. These four rubber vibration isolators between the seat and the seat mounting plate on the mower absorb some of the vibration from mowing instead of transferring it to the operator – ensuring comfortable mowing in yards up to five acres.​

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