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Social Media Resume

Mitchell Gordy, Gravely Ambassador

Social media played a huge role in helping me grow my landscaping business. It provided me with a platform to promote and showcase my work, while connecting with others in the landscaping industry. It’s been my resume, my reference tool.

I started with a Facebook page, essentially using it as a free website when I was just starting out. I didn’t spend any money on advertising or boosting the reach of the posts. I let the work speak for itself.

Then in 2017, I joined Instagram. It took a long time to gain ground but that’s when I realized I had some influence in the landscaping community.

Facebook was great for targeting my local audience, but I learned early on that Instagram was more of an entertainment platform and more about engaging with other professionals in my industry.

I noticed that my Instagram followers were more interested in equipment posts than photos of freshly cut lawns or other services I provided. With this in mind, I decided to switch up the material I was posting and mix in more posts on equipment and products I was using and having success with.  Facebook has continued to remain more about the work and services I provide instead of product or equipment engagement.

My first experience of working with a brand was with Green Touch Industries. I didn’t have a lot of followers, but I had faith in the product because I had been using them for many years, so they took a chance on me.

Why Gravely?


I followed the Gravely brand on social media and was interested when they launched the Pro-Stance because I was switching my mower fleet over to stand on mowers. That launch showed me how innovative the company is.

As a Gravely ambassador, I often get a sneak peek of the latest product launches, which helps me share valuable information with the landscaping community online. When I was starting out, I relied a lot on the support of other local landscapers; now I enjoy giving back to others.