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Keeping it in the Family

Marcus McCall, Gravely Ambassador 

In 2005, my father started McCalls Lawn Care and taught my brother, Phillip, and me the ropes of the industry. I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps because I have so much admiration for him. He’s been a great mentor to me throughout my life and business, and lawn care is a job that I love.
At McCalls Lawn Care we provide lawncare and hedge trimming services to homeowners and commercial outfits in Viera, Florida. The positive feedback we hear from clients makes us know we are making a difference in our local community. Recently, we won a “Best of Viera” award for the best landscaping company in our town, which we’re really proud of.
Our big break came in 2015 when we started using social media. We use Facebook to target ads to retain more business, YouTube to help people asking for advice on equipment, and Instagram as an online portfolio to show off our work.
It seems cheesy, but my dad always said, ‘be yourself and do what you say you are going to do.’ Showing up every day, being consistent and communicating well with clients is key.
My dad plans to retire next year, and my brother and I will take over the family business. It’s grown rapidly already, and our goal is to continue providing quality work, grow the company even more and take on employees.
When anyone asks me about the business, I send them to our Instagram page so they can see the quality of what we do and the services we can provide. Anyone can cut grass, but not everyone can do it well.

Stamp of approval

Joining the Gravely ambassador program has also helped our business. Two years ago, I was just a professional landscaper. Now I have a huge corporate sponsor behind me and fans on social media. It has given our company the opportunity to reach new people from all over who wouldn’t have known about us. It gives us that stamp of approval as well and says, ‘these guys are good at what they do’.
The program also has given us the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about our equipment and reach our full potential. We’ve been using Gravely mowers for years because they’re easy to use, have a comfortable to ride and leave a cut great. My favorite is the Pro-Turn 460. It’s great to learn more about how they are manufactured and the people behind the company.
All in all, I really appreciate the support I’ve received from Gravely — the whole of AriensCo. has some of the greatest people working for them — and of course, from my dad, who is the reason for where I am today. Joining the Gravely family has undoubtedly helped my family take our business to the next level.