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Ariens Company Chairman/CEO Dan Ariens Speaks at Gravely Tractor Club's Annual Mow-In

This year, as Gravely celebrates its 100 year anniversary, the company is taking time to recognize the people who work hard each day to preserve its history. One of those groups is the Gravely Tractor Club of America (GTCOA).

The GTCOA is an independent, nonprofit 501-(c)(7) membership association of Gravely enthusiasts whose mission is to enhance the Gravely experience for members by providing services, support, information and activities that promote fellowship, resulting from a shared interest in the ownership, history, preservation, maintenance, operation and enjoyment of all Gravely tractors and their attachments.​

Each year, members of this club of enthusiats get together for the club's annual tractor show, flea market and general meeting, dubbed the Mow-In. Mow-Ins are scheduled more than a year in advance, and are held in conjunction with other tractor clubs and shows. Events have been held in nine different states: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Indiana and Delaware.

This year’s Mow-In returned to West Virginia at the begining of October, where Benjamin Franklin Gravely began developing and experimenting with his motor plow invention.​ Ariens Company Chairman/CEO Dan Ariens ​​spoke at the event, and attended the festivities along with other representatives from Ariens Company.

"I was just floored by all of the history that was there, from the merchandise to the different attachments. It was an amazing thing to see how this group has really kept the Gravely legacy and history alive after 100 years," said Ariens. "Overall, it was a really great event. It was very well attended and I think that everyone involved, including our own Ariens Company museum staff, did a great job pulling it together."

Check out some of out favorite photos from the event below: