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Why Choose a Gravely ZT X? Here are Our Top Three Reasons

​At GIE + Expo 2015, Gravely introduced the all-new ZT X zero-turn lawn mower, an option priced for the homeowner, but designed with the same commercial DNA that Gravely's commercial Pro-Turn line is known for. During the month of April, consumers who purchase our popular ZT X mower will receive a $200 rebate at authorized Gravely dealers. 

This zero-turn means business, making it perfect for the hom​eowner that wants to save time create a beautiful lawn. What makes it prefect for you? Keep reading. 

  1. ​​Newly-designed deck: The new, fully fabricated, commercial-style cutting deck has a four-and-a-half-inch deep design to provide airflow in challenging mowing conditions, delivering an un-matched quality of cut. The wide discharge opening allows for even dispersal of clipping without clumping, while the constant tension deck belt system increases the life of the belt and reduces the need for adjustments. 
  2. Singluar frame: While other residential mowers incorporate multi-piece frames, the ZT X is built on a single tubular steel frame, which is welded, not bolted, at every joint for added strength and stability. 
  3. Improved comfort: The ZT X was built with ease-of-use and operator comfort, integrating features such as the dial height of cut selection, which puts 13 cutting positions at the operator’s fingertips. Other considerations like the plush high-back operator seat with armrests, fully adjustable control arms, foot-operated deck lift, cup holder, storage compartments and advanced vibration isolation were added to increase operator efficiency, while also keeping comfort a high priority.

Want to learn more? Click below to watch our video, or click here​ to find your local authorized Gravely dealer and see the ZT X in person. ​