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Gravely® Introduces New Attachments for Pro-Qxt™ Two-Wheeled Tractor

Gravely® announces new attachments for its Pro-QXT™ Tractor, the new two wheeled tractor that was unveiled at the GIE + Expo Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., in October 2015. The new attachments include a 32-inch snow blower, a 32-inch brush mower, and a 36- and 48-inch finishing mower.

A legacy product for Gravely, the Pro-QXT Tractor is designed for commercial, industrial and government facilities maintenance managers whose crews manage properties in urban environments. The Pro-QXT is a compact, walk-behind tractor with multiple attachments for completing a variety of tasks with a single machine.​

The new two-stage snow blower attachment has a 32-inch clearing width and a 21-inch housing height, with a throwing distance of up to 60 feet. Like most of the Ariens line of Sno-Thro® units, the Pro-QXT’s snow blower attachment has a cast iron gear case and commercial skid shoes for added durability. The snow blower head comes with a one-year commercial warranty and starts at a list price of $1,369 USD.

Gravely’s 32-inch brush mower attachment is able to take down saplings as large as 1.5 inches in diameter and it built to power through thick brush. The mower has one to four inch height of cut range, and 5/16-inch hardened pivoting blades. By allowing the blade to pivot, the shock that would normally be put on the drive system is eliminated. The brush mower comes with a one-year commercial warranty and starts at a list price of $1,169 USD.

The finishing mower attachment comes in either a 36- or 48-inch seven-gauge deck, both with a 1.5- to four-inch height of cut range. The Pro-QXT finishing mower attachments are also equipped with Gravely’s constant belt tensioning system (CBT). The CBT maintains a constant belt tension; which produces a consistent blade tip speed; eliminates belt slippage that can damage belts and pulleys; improves engine efficiency; and eliminates spring adjustments to save time by assuring consistent cut quality. Semi-pneumatic front tires make the finishing mowers more durable for all-day use. The finishing mowers come with a one-year commercial warranty and start at a list price of $1,679 USD.

QXT stands for “quick-attach”, as the Pro-QXT Tractor features a self-aligning one person attachment change over that allows an operator of any size to quickly and seamlessly change out attachments without the need for additional help. A folding stand is integrated for operators to use when the tractor is not attached to anything.

In addition, the Pro-QXT integrates the Rapid™ Control System with variable speed control that allows the operator to change direction quickly, increasing productivity. The combination of the Rapid Control System and intuitive power steering results in smooth, seamless operation.

The heavy-duty Pro-QXT Tractor is built for commercial use, with a clutched hydraulic system allowing for easy starting in extreme cold weather conditions, integrated engine fan debris cutter, trailer tie downs and adequate clearance for maneuvering around trailers and curbs.

The Pro-QXT is designed to transition through all seasons and conditions, from extreme hot to extreme cold, without the need to alter the tractor. It features an all-season Subaru® engine with 12-volt electric start and recoil assist, providing optimal performance in any weather condition.

Two additional attachments are also available for the Pro-QXT: a 44-inch Power Brush and a 48-inch blade. The blade attachment is also available with an optional poly scraper edge, and both attachments come with a one-year limited warranty.

“Benjamin Gravely launched our brand when he invented the revolutionary motor plow two-wheeled tractor in 1916, and we’re thrilled to have brought back this iconic product in celebration of our 100-year anniversary,” said Gravely Senior Product Manager Trae Humphries. “With these new attachments, the machine is even more versatile. We’re excited to be able to incorporate both Ariens’ expertise on snow and Gravely’s extensive lawn and garden experience with these new pieces.”

Select new attachments for the Pro-QXT Tractor will be available in authorized Gravely dealerships only beginning in November 2016. All attachments will be available by January 2016.