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The Most Dependable Two-Wheel Tractor

For over 100 years, Gravely's tractors have offered durability and versatility, allowing homeowners and landscapers to easily complete a variety of tasks with one piece of equipment.

Gravely® is America

In 1916, the country was growing, but food wasn't as accessible as it is today. Instead, homesteaders had to work their own land with a horse – until Gravely developed a product that made that job easier: the motor plow, which later evolved into a two-wheel tractor.

Multiple Attachments

The Gravely motor plow and the two-wheel tractor were successful because of their superior functionality. Rather than purchasing multiple pieces of equipment, individuals could purchase one tool to accomplish multiple tasks year-round, thanks to its numerous attachments.


The other half of the equation was dependability. Since the brand's inception over 100 years ago, Gravely tractors replaced workhorses, performing above and beyond the expectation of a Clydesdale.

At the annual Gravely Mow-In, Hank Dermer, president of the Gravely Tractor Club of America, explained why Gravely became, and remains, so popular.

"Well, durability, versatility. You just didn't buy a piece of equipment that did one thing. The number of attachments that were designed and built over the years made that a power plant with a series of attachments. So, mow your lawn, plow, dig and make ice cream, now."

(Full disclosure: no promises on the ice cream.)​

 Two-wheel tractors today

Gravely continues to help American homeowners and landscapers by offering a strong two-wheel tractor with a variety of attachments. Though food is easier to come by, homeowners still need to cut their lawn, clear heavy brush, plow matter and throw snow with an economical solution. Gravely continues to offer one power head that accomplishes functions in all seasons.

Current Gravely Pro-QXT® two-wheel tractor attachments include:

  • 32-inch snow thrower
  • 36-inch and 48-inch finish mowers
  • 32-inch rough-cut brush mower
  • 48-inch blade
  • 44-inch brush
  • Dethatcher (coming this Fall)
  • Aerator / spreader (coming this Fall)