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Mower Man Lawn Service

What is your first and last name? Business name?
David Ovando, Mower Man Lawn Service

Where are you located? City, State
McKinney, Texas

How long have you been a landscaper?
8 years

How long have you been using Gravely?
8 years

Why do you choose Gravely? What makes Gravely stand out from the competitors?
Gravely is built to last and they have a sense of family. You're not just buying a mower, you become a member of a family with a bond like no other!

What Gravely product do you have? How does it help you to be successful in your lawn care business?
I own several Gravely mowers, but the one I use most is the Compact-Pro 34. It makes my business more productive so I can do more jobs in less time while leaving a mean cut. They also don’t leave me feeling worn out so I have energy for when I come home to my kids and wife.

What does “Gravely Pride” mean to you?
It means you take pride in your work and your equipment. The mower is an extension of you in the field and you feel that the moment you step on a Gravely.

Why did you want to be a Gravely Ambassador?
I became a Gravely Ambassador so I could share my love of the brand with the world. I feel like it's a very under-appreciated brand and more people should know how fiercely competitive they are. I believe in the product and what it stands for and I wanted the opportunity to share that with others.

What advice would you give to others starting their own business in the landscaping industry?
You have to start somewhere. Don't try to overwhelm yourself when buying equipment. Buy what you need for the short term and upgrade later if needed, or add to your fleet. Always be yourself and never forget where you came from. Do quality work that your customers will notice and your business will grow.

Please include anything else that you'd like to add about yourself, Gravely, or the lawn care industry.
​We’ve been in business for 8 years and have had several Ariens and Gravely products. This equipment has transformed our business to the point that it is infused in our company and has become part of our daily living. Our kids even have a love of the brand and love to spend time with the Ariens family. I love answering questions from my followers when it comes to outdoor power equipment. It's nice to know that we can all be there for each other as we go through the daily struggles of owning our own business. Being a landscaper is not a widely accepted field of work and I hope to have a part in changing that. I have a real passion for transforming an overgrown yard into something beautiful, and I hope it’s noticed in my work.

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Gravely Ambassadors are professional landscapers who share their experiences on social media while encouraging and leading others in the industry. Our ambassadors are motivated, hardworking, thoughtful leaders and want to make a difference through the work they do in their careers.These landscapers are chosen to represent the Gravely brand based on their ability to produce excellent content, have a desire to grow their online presence, demonstrate having knowledge in the industry and want to have a strong relationship with our company. Stay tuned for more blog posts featuring the 2018 Gravely Ambassadors.

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