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Brown Brothers' Lawn Care

What is your first and last name? Business name?
Eddie Brown, Brown Brothers' Lawn Care

Where are you located? City, State
Olathe, Kansas

How long have you been a landscaper?
3 years

How long have you been using Gravely?
2 years

Why do you choose Gravely? What makes Gravely stand out from the competitors?
I choose Gravely because of its quality and durability. The fact of the matter is that I hardly ever have problems with my Gravely equipment, and when I do, it is something very small, and I am back up and running that day with the incredible dealer support!

What Gravely product do you have? How does it help you to be successful in your lawn care business?
I have two Gravely Pro-Stance units: a 52-inch and 48-inch. Again, they are just built like tanks! I cannot stress the durability enough. It helps us be successful, because we do not have to waste time working on our equipment. Time is money! Both of our mowers have over 1,000 hours, so not working on it at this stage in their lifecycle is incredible, and goes to show the quality in the product. That is why I will continue to use Gravely. I save time not having to work on it, and save money that would be used on parts!

What does “Gravely Pride” mean to you?
I believe it is knowing that Gravely is supporting my business and will always be there for me. I also believe that I will be able to grow my business through the use of Gravely products because of that support for my business, and the fact that they want to see me succeed. I really feel that they stand behind their product, and if something fails in their product, they will be right there to help me get back up and running.

Why did you want to be a Gravely Ambassador?
I wanted to become a Gravely Ambassador because I really believe that I can help increase brand awareness for the Gravely brand, while growing my business on social media and in the field through their mowers. I feel that by partnering with Gravely, I will be able to help and advise more people in their businesses to become successful! I also feel that this program will be a great way for me to give back to the company that has helped me so much, and give back to this great landscaping industry!

What advice would you give to others starting their own business in the landscaping industry?
I would advise people to go all in, go big and to set big goals. Put your head down and figure out a way to get there!

Please include anything else that you'd like to add about yourself, Gravely, or the lawn care industry.
The main thing I have learned is not to be afraid to fail. I fail all the time! That failure is just an experience, and from your experience, you will be able to change your approach the next time to propel your business forward! Try and fail, learn, try again, and then succeed!

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Gravely Ambassadors are professional landscapers who share their experiences on social media while encouraging and leading others in the industry. Our ambassadors are motivated, hardworking, thoughtful leaders and want to make a difference through the work they do in their careers.These landscapers are chosen to represent the Gravely brand based on their ability to produce excellent content, have a desire to grow their online presence, demonstrate having knowledge in the industry and want to have a strong relationship with our company. Stay tuned for more blog posts featuring the 2018 Gravely Ambassadors.

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