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Brian's Lawn Maintenance

What is your first and last name? Business name?
Brian Fullerton, Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

Where are you located? City, State
Wixom, MI

How long have you been a landscaper?
11 years

Why do you choose Gravely? What makes Gravely stand out from the competitors?
I’m excited to see what all the hype is about on the Gravely Pro-Stance line!

What does “Gravely Pride” mean to you?
I’m excited to find out.

Why did you want to be a Gravely Ambassador?
To share with our community the latest and greatest from Gravely, and to test out their mowers to help others make educated and informed choices when they’re in the market for a new Gravely unit.

What advice would you give to others starting their own business in the landscaping industry?
Dream big. Plan small. Try, Fail, Adjust. And have fun!

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Gravely Ambassadors are professional landscapers who share their experiences on social media while encouraging and leading others in the industry. Our ambassadors are motivated, hardworking, thoughtful leaders and want to make a difference through the work they do in their careers.These landscapers are chosen to represent the Gravely brand based on their ability to produce excellent content, have a desire to grow their online presence, demonstrate having knowledge in the industry and want to have a strong relationship with our company. Stay tuned for more blog posts featuring the 2018 Gravely Ambassadors.

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