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Highest Value Landscaping Equipment of 2019




Generate Year-Round Revenue

Commercial landscapers are forced to get creative after the grass stops growing. Depending on geography, winter can be hard on landscaping and lawn maintenance businesses in the part of the continent that's too mild to produce snow, but not mild enough to keep the grass growing – completely limiting your service offering from November through February and putting you in a tight spot.

Part of that challenge is in equipment. A lawn mower is designed to cut grass, which means it's not generating income when siting idle for three months or however long grass stays dormant in your region. And if it's not snowing where you live this year, your high quality snow blower or snow plow isn't generating any revenue, either. So, what equipment can? The best solution for getting through those in-between months is by maximizing your mower, or in other words, investing in a mower that's versatile and capable of more than just mowing and having value in all seasons.

Versatile Landscaping Tools

Multi-use tools are great for homeowners and commercial landscapers because they're the best value for your dollar. A one-time investment in a single power unit that's capable of multiple tasks, for starters, is less expensive than purchasing multiple units, each with their own dedicated power source. That means less time and money spent completing regular engine maintenance. Additionally, that one unit works year round in all seasons, depending what attachments you own. If that's an attractive solution, a two wheel tractor may be your answer.

Best Lawn Tract​​ors

Though you may like your garden tractor, its limited capabilities are no match for a two wheel tractor. If you haven't heard of this machine, it's not much of a surprise because the peak of its popularity was closer to the mid 20th century when growing families used them for their landscaping and growing their personal food plots. Purchasing one machine that used its versatility to complete multiple tasks with a single power unit was, and still is, frugal.

Gravely​® Two Wh​eel Tractor

While America has changed in the last 60 plus years, the application and need of a two wheel tractor hasn't. Fewer of us need to grow our own food plots, but the need for a multi-use machine remains strong for both commercial and residential landscaping. Because that need still exists, Gravely offers the Pro-QXT , a commercial two wheel tractor designed to deliver power, performance and most importantly, versatility for anyone in any region.

The​ Gravely Pro-QXT® 

The Gravely Pro-QXT® is available a powerful and user-friendly package. Its patented Rapid steering control system driven by a 429cc Kohler engine and two Hydro-Gear® ZT-2800 transaxles allows operators to power through multiple job types while effortlessly controllling the unit's steering and drive speed with gentle arm and wrist movements. Adjustable handlebars make operation easy for users of all sizes and the quick-attach system makes it possible for one person to remove attachments from and connect attachments to drive hub in seconds. The power head, like its attachments, also features a lift point that can be used to lift the unit onto rooftops and other spaces where a power brush, plow blade or snow blower application is useful.

Gravely Pro QXT two wheel tractor

Two wheel tractor attachments

Today, a one-time investment into the versatile Pro-QXT tractor gives u​sers options to brush, push, rough-cut, mow, aerate, dethatch and throw snow with a single machine.

Finish mower attachments

Finish mower is a fancy way to say lawn mower – these are simple grass cutting attachments. With 36-inch and 48-inch widths available, there's an option for mowing in tight spaces as well larger acreage. Both sizes feature Gravely constant belt tension (CBT) that k​eeps blade tip speed consistent throught the life of the belt, reduces chances for belt slip to occur and improves efficiency. Both mowing decks are constructed with 7-gauge steel, feature a reinforced leading edge around all sides of the deck and anti-scalp wheels. Cutting heights adjust between1.5 and 4.0 inches in increments of 0.5 inches, and much kits are available for each.

Gravely Pro QXT finish mower 

Brush attachment

The Pro-QXT brush attachment has a 44-inch working width and is adjustable to three clearing angles in left, right and straight positions. Power brushes themselves are versatile and can be used for dethatching lawns, clearing light snowfalls and sweeping sand, gravel and other debris from paths or walkways in a varety of seasons. They're ideal, and efficient, for clearing sand from a beachside patio or sidewalk.

Gravely Pro QXT brush attachment 

Bulldozer blade attachment

The 48-inch dozer blade was built thick and heavy for durability, and scraping ability. With three adjustable clearing angles, operators can push large piles of snow, gravel, mulch or dirt to the left, right or in a straight path.

 Gravely Pro QXT blade dozer

Two stage snow blower attachment

It may only be used in one season, but the 32-inch snow blower attachment can handle the deepest, most packed and crusted snowfalls. Its weight alone makes it one of the most cleanly clearing snow blowers on the market and the delivery from the power unit is tough enough to eat through the two-foot snowpack at the AriensCo test facility in Houghton, Michigan and send it distances of up to 60 feet.

Gravely Pro QXT snow blower

​Brush cutter attachment

The 32-inch clearing width of the Pro-QXT rough-cut mower mows through wide paths of unsightly brush and can cut through saplings as thick as 1.5 inches in diameter. With 5/16-inch hardened pivoting blades specially designed to reduce shock to the drive system, the rough-cut attachment can be used to clear overgrown and other vegetation to make way for new, manicured landscapes in winter, spring, summer or fall.

​​Gravely Pro QXT brush cutter 

Dethatcher attachment

​​A little thatch, or the layer of dead grass on a lawn bed, is great insulation, but too much thatch restricts water, air and nutrients from reaching your grass roots. Additionally, thatch can harbor lawn disease and insects, making it important to dethatch your lawn regularly​, as well as your clients' lawns. The 32-inch dethatcher attachment pulls thatch to the top of a lawn, so it can be raked away, mulched or simply mowed over. The dethatcher comes standard in a flail head configuration with the option to add a spring-tine assembly for more vigorous dethatching. A fixed-bladed slit seeder accessory is also available for efficient seeding in bare spots or thinning areas.

​​Gravely Pro QXT dethatcher 

Aerator attachment

Compacted soils ​​choke grass roots and prevent water, air and nutrients from reaching them. Aeration uses a "plugging" action that pulls cores from the ground, creating room for compacted soils to expand and allow air, water and nutrients exhange with grass roots. The core-style Pro-QXT aerator attachment features a 32-inch working width comprised of seven rows of five tine corings. Each tine coring row is broken into five sections that provide an even plugging pattern across the aeration area. Made of all-steel construction, the aerator comes standard with 120 pounds of additional weight to help ensure plugging is steady, efficient and complete.

Gravely Pro QXT aerator attachment 

If you want to maximize your current clients, or simply expand your service offering and get more contracts this season, visit your local Gravely dealer and ask them about the Pro-QXT tractor.


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