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Utility Loader / AXIS™ 200
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AXIS™ 200

Introducing the Gravely AXIS, a multi-tool machine that puts a heavy emphasis on “multi.” It performs a ton of jobs but its main one is maximizing a crew’s time in the field. With its list of attachments and capabilities, it’s not a machine that will sit idle.
Powerful Diesel Engines

Powerful Diesel Engines

Models feature the Kubota D1105 25 HP Diesel.
Dual Lift Cylinder Arms

Dual Lift Cylinder Arms

Strong and self-leveling, they can lift up to 618 lbs. with a tipping load of up to 1235 lbs.
Tires or Tracks

Tires or Tracks

Models include big 18 x 8.5 x 8 Turf Saver Tires, 7' or 9' imbedded steel rubber tracks. All models can switch from wheel to track or track to wheel with factory kit.
Model Engine Manufacturer EngineRating HP/CC Fuel System Fuel Capactiy Length Lift Capacity Tip Capacity Weight Ground Speed Parts Diagrams
950010 Kubota® D1105-E3B 25 HP / CC Diesel 10 gal (37.9 L) 79.8" (202.7 cm) 618 lb (280.3 kg) 1235 lb (560.1 kg) 2525 lb (1145.1 kg) 5.30 mph (3.30 kph) View
950011 Kubota® D1105-E3B 25 HP / CC Diesel 10 gal (37.9 L) 63.32" (160.8 cm) 590 lb (267.6 kg) 1180 lb (535.1 kg) 2465 lb (1117.9 kg) 5.30 mph (3.30 kph) View
950012 Kubota® D1105-E3B 25 HP / CC Diesel 10 gal (37.9 L) 63.3" (160.8 cm) 568 lb (257.6 kg) 1135 lb (514.7 kg) 2125 lb (963.7 kg) 3.20 mph (2.00 kph) View
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