• Log Splitter

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    Divide your work in half.

    • Centrally-located controls and open operating zone allow for operation from either side of the machine.
    • Critical components (engine and hydraulic pump) are located at the front of the machine reducing the likelihood of damage from dropped logs.
    • Tapered wedge design requires less tonnage and splits faster

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Log Splitter

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Additional Features

  • 22, 27 and 34-Ton Splitting Capacity.
  • Powered by 6 HP/169, 7 HP/211cc Subaru SP (27 & 34-Ton) and 4.5 HP/174cc Subaru Vertical Shaft OHV engines (22-Ton)
  • Vertical and Horizontal Splitting 25" Log Capacity
  • Includes Work Table
  • Front Support with Wheel (34-ton model)

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