• Pro-Master 200 XDZ

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    Once you work a piece of Gravely equipment, you'll certainly experience the quality and understand what the mower can do.  What's more important, you'll have a real good sense about what the mower will do for your business. 

    • Multiple models including a side- or rear-discharge deck option with a cutting width of 60 inches.
    • An ergonomically designed cockpit with comfort-grip handles, easy access controls and suspension seat with adjustable plush armrests elevates operator productivity by minimizing fatigue.
    • A lockable, pivoting front axle assures a smoother, more comfortable ride while large tires, both front and rear, enhance stability and traction.
    • A hydraulic deck lift comes on every machine from the factory providing an easy way to adjust the height of cut to any one of the infinite cutting positions from 1 to 5 inches.

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Pro-Master 200 XDZ Zero Turn Mower

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Additional Features

  • Powerful 27 HP Kawasaki® FX engine
  • 3 Year Engine Manufacturer Warranty
Model Name Model # Engine Manufacturer Engine Rating Drive System Fuel Capactiy Ground Speed
260H 992217 Kawasaki® FX850V 27 HP/852 CC 21cc Pump with Parker® 18 c.i. Wheel Motors 13.4 gal (50.72 L) 13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)
260H-RD 992219 Kawasaki® FX850V 27 HP/852 CC 21cc Pump with Parker® 18 c.i. Wheel Motors 13.4 gal (50.72 L) 13/6 mph (21/ 10 km/h)
  • Operator Controlled Chute Baffle

    Operator Controlled Chute Baffle

    The Gravely Operator Controlled Chute Baffle is a convenient addition to your Gravely machine. This kit offers the operator the ability to quickly control the flow of side discharged grass clippings.
    Fits Models: 992217
  • Mulching Kit

    Mulching Kit

    The kit features easy-to-install baffles that fit under mower decks to create a separate cutting chamber for each blade. When cut, grass lifts into the cutting chamber and gets cut many times before dropping onto the lawn.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992217
  • Discharge Cover Kit

    Discharge Cover Kit

    The Gravely discharge cover kit is designed to block off the discharge area of the mower deck and re-direct discharge of debris into the grass.
    Fits Models: 992217
  • Lawn Striping Kit

    Lawn Striping Kit

    Create that crisp striping effect seen at ball parks.
    Fits Models: 992217
  • Headlight Kit

    Headlight Kit

    The Gravely Headlight Kit for Zero-Turn Riding Mowers is designed to help ensure safety in low-light and low-visibility conditions.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Trailer Hitch

    Trailer Hitch

    Turn your Gravely zero-turn into a multi tasking machine by simply adding the hitch kit. The robust design of the hitch kit allows you to pull a multitude of accessories such as pull behind sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, and utility trailers.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Front 6" Wheel Covers

    Front 6" Wheel Covers

    Be the envy of the neighborhood with your new chrome Gravely Wheel Covers. These covers are sure to grab attention on your Gravely mower. Our Wheel Covers are made of the highest quality ABS plastic and are held in place with plated tempered steel clips.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Weight Bracket & Weight Kit

    Weight Bracket & Weight Kit

    Fits Models: 992217
  • Sun Shade

    Sun Shade

    Keep cool and out of the sun with this handy sunshade. The Gravely Zero-Turn riding lawnmower sunshade provides protection from the sun or rain while using your mowing your lawn.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Gravely 10" Wheel Covers

    Gravely 10" Wheel Covers

    Upgrade the style of your riding lawn mower's rear wheels with Gravely Chrome Wheel Covers for Lawn Mowers (2-Pack). These solid ABS wheel covers have tempered steel clips hold the covers in place.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • FlexTend Shoulder Support System

    FlexTend Shoulder Support System

    Offers a significant improvement to rider comfort.
    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Vacuum Baffle

    Vacuum Baffle

    Vacuum Baffle Kits enhance bagging and mulching of large concentrations of leaves, and they reduce grass and leaf blowout from the deck.

    Fits Models: 992217
  • Solid Tire

    Solid Tire

    Flat resistant tire for longer tire life.

    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • LiftMaster Kit

    LiftMaster Kit

    Make accessing your mower deck a breeze. ​

    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Anti-Scalp Wheel Kit

    Anti-Scalp Wheel Kit

    Places additional anti-scalp brackets and wheels on the outside edges of the mower deck that keep large decks from gouging turf on uneven terrain.​

    Fits Models: 992217, 992219
  • Ag/Bar Style Tire and Rim

    Ag/Bar Style Tire and Rim

    ​Improved traction on rough terrain.

    Fits Models: 992217, 992219

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