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Engineered to perform well year-round, our multi-functional power brushes give you the versatility you need to clean snow, slush, salt, sand, gravel, grime and general gunk right down to the pavement. Choose from a 28-inch or 36- inch model, and do the job proud in any weather.

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All-Season Bristles

All-Season Bristles

The strong-to-the-end bristles clear out slush, snow, leaves, dirt, sand and more. And the all-season engine backs it all up.
Pivoting Brush Head

Pivoting Brush Head

The brush head pivots 40° to clear debris in the exact direction you want or for operation in tight, confined areas.
Height Adjustment System

Height Adjustment System

No matter if it’s concrete, grass, gravel or dirt, easily adjust the brush level to clear all the way to the ground.
Model Deck Size Engine Manufacturer Engine Rating Drive System Fuel Capactiy Ground Speed Acres/HR CARB Compliant Model
926064 36" Subaru® 9.5 HP / 287 CC Hydrostatic gal (6.1 L) / mph ( / km/h) 926064
926063 36" Subaru® 9 HP / 265 CC Disc-O-Matic gal ( L) 6 / 2 mph ( / km/h) 926063
921026 28" Subaru® 6 HP / 169 CC Disc-O-Matic gal ( L) 6 / 2 mph ( / km/h) 921026
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