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Using Gravely in the Construction Industry

Miron Construction, an industrial construction company headquartered in Neenah, Wis., was introduced to Gravely’s line of professional equipment in late 2015.

Ariens Company, Gravely’s parent company, has previously had a relationship with Miron, as Miron was contracted by Ariens Company for prior construction projects.

While the two companies have enjoyed a longstanding relationship, Miron has only recently purchased Gravely products. In early December, the Ariens Company sales team delivered a fleet of Gravely Atlas JSVs™ to the Miron offices in Neenah. We recently sat down with Pete Klosterman, vice president of field services for Miron Construction, to talk about his first few weeks with the products and how Miron uses Gravely in the construction industry.

Gravely: You’ve had a relationship with the Ariens Company for years. Why did you decide to purchase Gravely equipment now?

Klosterman: Honestly, we thought of Ariens Company as more of a manufacturer of residential-type products until we were introduced to the Gravely line. After the introduction, it became apparent that Ariens Company produces industrial-type products that will serve our needs in the construction industry. We have had a previous relationship with Ariens Company and have enjoyed opportunities to build for them. To date, they have been great to work for and we are looking to continue our partnership by doing what we can to promote Gravely products.

Gravely: Since you were just introduced to the Gravely lineup of professional products, you were probably using a competitor’s products before this. Specifically focusing on the Atlas JSV, how does your experience with it so far stack up to the competition?

Klosterman: Our utilization is in it’s infancy to date, although it is already apparent that the target of creating a machine that is quick to use and maneuverable, yet retains the ability haul a healthy payload and be durable, has been accomplished. Other brands we have utilized have proven to be too recreational and not durable enough, or too slow, to be efficient for our needs.

Gravely: It sounds like the Atlas JSV will be a perfect fit for the environment that your staff works in every day. How do you foresee your team using the job site vehicles on a day-to-day basis?

Klosterman: They will be used in very versatile environments, from hauling concrete-form hardware and masonry materials around a site, to moving tradespeople and their tools to work locations on large industrial project sites, to touring clients, owners and architects around a project site, enabling them to see the evolution of their dreams.

Gravely: Thanks so much for your time today. We’re happy for the opportunity to continue our working relationship, and we hope that our products serve you well.

Klosterman: Not a problem. We’re excited about the new vehicles. Beyond the quality manufacturing, the support network behind your products makes using the Gravely brand very inviting.

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