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Gravely Mow the Distance Sales Event

Gravely's largest lawn mower sale of the year, the annual Mow the Distance Sales Event, starts on March 20, 2020, and goes through March 28, 2020, at participating independently owned and operated Gravely dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. During the promotional period, all purchases of qualifying Gravely commercial equipment will be discounted 20% off their list prices.

Promotion-eligible products include all models from the COMPACT-PRO®, PRO-TURN® Z, PRO-TURN ZX, PRO-TURN, PRO-TURN 100, PRO-TURN 200, PRO-TURN MACH ONE, PRO-TURN 400, PRO-STANCE®, PRO-WALK® and PRO-QXT® Gravely commercial product families.

As part of the Gravely Mow the Distance Sales Event, customers making net purchases of at least $12,000.00 USD or more on a single invoice during the promotional period will qualify to receive Gravely’s standard fleet program discount for future purchases made up to 24 months following the sale date. 

For more details, visit our promotions page‚Äč or your local Gravely dealer.