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Versatile Landscaping Equipment From Gravely

Generating year-round revenue

As a commercial landscape contractor, you’re required to get creative after the grass stops growing. Depending on your geographical location, the winter months can be hard on your landscape business. If you live in that sweet spot of the continent that gets winters too mild to produce snow, but not mild enough to keep the grass growing, it puts you in a tight spot.

How can your equipment investment generate revenue if it's not being used for up to three months at a time? That zero-turn mower you just bought isn't making any money, and neither is your high-quality snow blower, so what can? The best solution for these in-between months is a machine that can tackle the large jobs, the small jobs and the odd jobs, giving it value in every season.

Landscaping tools

Multi-use tools are great for homeowners and commercial landscapers because they're easily the best value for your dollar. A one-time investment in a single power unit that's capable of multiple tasks will always be less expensive than purchasing multiple units, each with their own dedicated power source. If that's a solution you’re looking for, a two-wheel tractor may be your answer.

Best garden tractors

You like your garden tractor, but it's no match for a real tractor, a two wheel tractor. If you haven't heard of this machine, it's no surprise. The two-wheel tractor was extremely popular around the time our grandparents and great grandparents were building homes, their food plots, and quite accurately, the growth of America.

As frugal with their dollars as anyone who grew up during the Great Depression, these homeowners and business owners needed dependable machines with strong value. The solution was a single power unit that incorporated interchangeable attachments used to accomplish a variety of tasks. They were so popular for rural Americans that one man, Benjamin Franklin Gravely, built an entire company from that need.

Gravely® two wheel tractor

Since the Great Depression, the two-wheel tractor's applications have changed, but the need remains. Though fewer of us are growing our own food plots, the need for a multi-use machine remains strong for both commercial and residential landscaping use. Gravely®, which was the most reputable two-wheel tractor manufacturer of the machine's heyday, redesigned a new commercial-grade machine to be more powerful, more robust and just as dependable, the Gravely Pro-QXT®.

The Gravely Pro-QXT® Tractor

The innovators at Gravely didn't need to reinvent the configuration of the two-wheel tractor because of its success, but it didn't prevent them from giving it a few enhancements. Same concept as two wheel tractors of the past, but in a more powerful, user-friendly package that's more comfortable to operate. The patented Rapid steering control system combined with two Hydro-Gear® ZT-2800 transaxles allows operators to effortlessly turn the unit and control its wheel speed. Adjustable handlebars make operation easy for operators of all sizes and the quick-attach system allows a single person to change attachments by themselves in just seconds.

Two wheel tractor attachments

Today, a one-time investment into the versatile Pro-QXT tractor gives users options to brush, push, rough-cut, mow, aerate, dethatch and throw snow with a single machine.

Finish mower attachments

It goes without saying this attachment is a must for any landscape—either yours or your customers' during the extensive warm to mild seasons. With 36-inch and 48-inch widths available, there's an option for mowing in tight spaces as well larger acreage. Both were designed with Gravely's constant belt tension (CBT) system that produces consistent blade tip speed, eliminates belt slip, improves engine efficiency and eliminates the need to make spring adjustments. Both mowing decks have cutting height settings from 1.5 inches to 4.0 inches in increments of 0.5 inches, and a much kit is available for each.

Brush attachment

The Pro-QXT brush attachment has a 44-inch working width and is adjustable to three clearing angles in left, right and straight positions. Power brushes are versatile themselves and can be used for dethatching lawns in early spring, clearing lighter snowfall amounts in winter and sweeping sand, gravel and other debris from paths or walkways in nearly any season. Very useful for clearing a beachside patio.

Blade attachment

The 48-inch bulldozer blade is heavy enough to effectively scrape small to large amounts of snow from a clearing surface, even the largest driveways. With three adjustable clearing angles, operators can push snow, gravel, mulch or dirt to the left, right or in a straight path.

Two stage snowblower attachment

It may only be used in one season, but the 32-inch snow blower attachment can handle the deepest, most packed and crusted snowfalls. Its weight alone allows it to scrape down to the pavement through a two-foot snowpack at the AriensCo test facility in Houghton, Michigan. Its cast-iron gearcase is built strong so the augers chew through tough snow and send it to distances of up to 60 feet.

Brush cutter attachment

The 32-inch clearing width of the rough-cut mower attachment can take down saplings as thick as 1.5 inches in diameter with its 5/16-inch hardened pivoting blades, blades specially designed to reduce shock to the drive system. Spring, summer, winter or fall, the rough-cut attachment can be used to clear unsightly, overgrown brush and other vegetation to make way for new, manicured landscapes.

Dethatcher attachment

The 32-inch dethatcher attachment is the customers' solution to pulling the layer of dead grass, or thatch, to the top of their lawns. The dethatcher comes standard in a flail head configuration with the option to add a spring-tine assembly for more vigorous dethatching. Additionally, a fixed-bladed slit seeder accessory will also be available for homeowners and landscapers that desire an effective seeding method. Great for early spring to grow a healthy lawn, or at other times of the year when seeding can be done.

Aerator attachment

The core-style aerator attachment has a 32-inch working width which is comprised of seven rows of five tine corings. To achieve the best performance, each row of tine corings is broken into five sections that provide an even plugging pattern across the aeration area. Though made of all-steel construction, 120 pounds of additional weights comes standard on each aerator attachment to help ensure plugging action is steady, efficient and complete during the milder months.

If you find yourself looking for more jobs this season, stop into your local Gravely dealer and ask them about the Pro-QXT tractor. It’s designed to handle the big jobs, the small jobs and the odd jobs so you can expand your service offering in all seasons.


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