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5 Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Mowing Company Busy During the Winter

  1. Lawn Rejuvenation & Weed Removal

    Winter is a great time to rejuvenate and improve lawns for next summer. Start with reseeding brown spots or thin patches. In winter, plenty of water is available for reseeding, just make sure to cover your seeds to protect them from winter birds.

    In addition to reseeding, winter is a good time to tackle weeds and crabgrass. As soon as temperatures begin warming up, crabgrass and other weeds will start sprouting. Prevention during the winter months will help you stay ahead of these unwanted lawn elements. Apply pre-emergence weed killers and consider feeding plants with a slow release fertilizer to ensure that they have a good start next spring.

  2. Leaf Removal, Gutters & Flower Beds

    Removing leaves from lawns, cleaning out of flower beds, and clearing gutters are big jobs and many people may want to take this off their plate during the late fall and early winter months.

    Take your lawn care services to the next level by offering services like cleaning lawn furniture to prepare it to move back inside, cleaning out planters or pots that could crack in the cold, winterizing roses and protecting plants from the bitter frost. Most of these services are straightforward and easy to perform. Your customers will thank you for completing the tasks they may not have time to complete before the first flurries fly.

  3. Planting Trees & Hedge Maintenance 

    Evergreen trees and shrubs can be beautiful against the white backdrop of winter. Make sure these elements look their best by providing professional hedging and tree trimming services.

    Winter is also a great time to plant certain trees and shrubs that prefer to be moved when they're dormant. Great prices on trees during winter also means lower material costs for you and your customers, which could be an attractive sell in your market. Get started on those summer landscaping plans early with key dormant tree plantings.

  4. Christmas Light Installation

    Winter landscapes include evergreens and shaping bushes so they can peak interest in the cold winter months, but it can extend beyond just the traditional landscaping elements. Consider expanding your services to decorations in the winter months.

    Christmas light installation can be a very profitable business service. Depending on the size of the project, the materials and labor could really add up. If you decide to go into the business of holiday light decorating, you will need to consider a few elements such as professional insurance to cover potential issues like fires or overloading circuit breakers, finding a commercial wholesaler for lights, and electrical services for complex configurations.

  5. Tree Removal

    Just as winter is a good time to plant certain trees, it is also a great time to remove trees and clear the way for summer landscaping. These large projects can be disruptive to those who want to use their yard, and you might find yourself too busy during the summer months to have the time for it – making winter a great time to eliminate unwanted or dying trees. Additionally, make sure to grind unwanted tree stumps that would otherwise be left to rot throughout the cold months.

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