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Pros and Cons of Electric Commercial Mowers

Pros of Electric Commercial Lawn Mowers

Battery-powered, or electric, lawn mowers offer several benefits for the commercial landscaper. Everything from lower sound to fewer maintenance costs make electric mowers a good choice for your business. Here are all the pros you can expect with electric lawn mowers:

  • Lower Operating Costs Per Machine. While the initial cost of a commercial electric lawn mower may be higher, the operating costs are much lower. Electric mowers have fewer parts and you don't have to worry about changing air filters, oil filters, gas or fixing leaks. There are many potential issues that come with a high repair price on tag on gas-powered mowers both in parts cost, repair labor, and machine down time.

  • Less Routine Maintenance. No changing oil, no filling gas, no changing the oil filter. These maintenance tasks take time with a gas-powered zero turn mower. That is time your business simply does not have. You want to be out getting the job done as quickly as possible, and electric mowers cut down the time required for maintenance tasks.

  • Less Noise. Gas-powered lawn mowers are loud, especially in urban areas where the sound bounces off the structures. Electric mowers do not have the loud noises, or the vibrations mowers typically need to deal with when using gas. Lower noise pollution is a great added benefit for the landscaper and for those around them.

  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient. The benefits of electric mowers extend beyond your business. Electric mowers benefit the world around us. There are no fumes, toxins or harmful chemicals that are released into the air with an electric mower. This is especially important for landscapers who are trying to win commercial contracts with companies who require “green” service.

  • Quick Battery Swap Systems. Gravely EV mowers include a quick-swap battery system that allows you to run your mowers all day. No need to stop when the battery runs out. Just simply swap a new battery in and keep on mowing!

Cons of Electric Commercial Lawn Mowers

It is important to consider the drawbacks to electric lawn mowers, here are some of those items to consider:

Learn more about when to use an electric commercial lawn mower and all of the accessories available for the Gravely EV by visiting the electric mower page on our website.

  • Higher Initial Cost. Electric Zero Turn lawn mowers have a higher initial cost than their gas-powered equivalents. Although there is the initial higher cost, the lower maintenance costs will offset the initial cost over time. The electric lawn mowers are really an investment in the future of your company.

  • Run Time Restrictions. All electric mowers have run-time restrictions. Just like gas-powered mowers, when the power runs out, you will need to pause before continuing to mow. In gas-powered mowers this means stopping to add gas. With electric this means changing the battery. Gravely EV is the only commercial mower that includes a quick-swap battery system which allows you to run the mower all day long.
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