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When to Use an Electric Commercial Mower

Electric lawn mowers are a great choice for all landscapers. They are the future of the lawn mowing industry. Particularly if you have contracts for any of these types of businesses, now is the time to consider switching to electric.

  1. Schools & Universities. College campuses and universities take a team of trained landscaping professionals to maintain the beautiful grounds for students and faculty. The campus environment plays an important role for prospective students and employees. Electric mowers are a great tool for the university landscaper because the lower noise allows students to study in peace, they have lower maintenance costs and many universities may already have “green” requirements or contracts.

  2. Retirement Communities. Retirement communities are one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. The competition for the best retirement community requires an emphasis not only on the buildings but the landscape and grounds available for residents. Like a home, residents of retirement communities want to enjoy their lawns and landscaped areas. Electric mowers can provide retirement communities with a beautiful lawn without the noise and distraction of gas-powered mowers.

  3. Hospitals. Hospital grounds often include peaceful places for patients to visit while they are recovering. These tranquil areas require maintenance that won’t disturb those who are in the hospital trying to rest and recover. Electric mowers are a great solution for hospitals and the quick-swap battery system means the mowing can be done quietly and efficiently.

  4. Parks & Public Places. Some of the largest areas for lawn maintenance include parks and public places. These large landscapes require powerful machines to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Additionally, residents who use these public places want to do so without inhaling fumes and chemicals that are used in gas-powered mowers.  Electric commercial mowers are a great solution, especially with the quick-swap battery system, the Gravely EV can get the job done quickly and keep the park clean from air pollution.

  5. Municipalities. Many municipalities and government organizations require a “green” service contract. Only landscapers who have electric mowers will be considered “green” in the future. That is why electric mowers are a great solution for any landscaper trying to go after a governmental contract.