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Electric Mower Accessories to Use with your EV

  1. Mulch Kit. Gravely mulch kits are available for the EV mower and help take an already efficient machine to the next level. Mulching is known to save time, reduce thatch build up and is excellent for the environment.

  2. Light Kit. Light kits extend the time you can mow, providing your team with the safety of light even when working into the evening hours. Light kits are available for the EV mowers.

  3. Safety Beacon Light. Safety is of the most importance when it comes to your landscaping business. Make sure you keep your team safe with the safety beacon light, available for the Gravely Pro-Turn EV.

  4. Swappable Batteries. The Gravely batteries are 4KWh with Li-ion power. They include a fail-safe design that will not discharge energy until it communicates with the mower. LED batter charge indicator lets you see the status of your battery’s power and the QuikSwap technology means the batteries are interchangeable. Swappable batteries for the EV mower mean you can run the EV mower all day long.

Consider adding these accessories onto your next electric lawn mower purchase.