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Top 10 Benefits of Stand-On Mowers

Besides the fact that you can cover more land in less time, our product management team shared the top 10 benefits of our stand-on zero-turn selection.

1. Mowing Efficiency

With greater traction and maneuverable ease when it comes to obstacles, landscaping companies have shown increased efficiency with stand-on mowers, meaning more acres mowed in less time. One large factor that improves mowing time is the ability to mount and dismount the machine quickly when needing to move obstacles. 

2. Compact

One of the biggest benefits of a stand-on mower is the all-around size. Stand-on units are great for 180º turns and tight spaces, making them the perfect machines for tree-filled or heavily landscaped yards.

Not to mention the shape, compact size, and shorter height of these mowers with no roll-over protective structure (ROPS) creates more room on a trailer or in a garage for other equipment.

3. Handling Ease

On a stand-on mower, you may find it easier to start and stop with each turn because the operator and engine are closer to each other and this results in less movement and momentum when changing directions, making it easier to handle tight turns.
4. Slope Traction

Safety is a key factor when it come to choosing the right mower because at some point, you'll be mowing hilly terrain. Stand-on mowers allow you the ability to shift your weight to counter the slops effortlessly to keep you and the mower in a safe position while having an improved center of gravity. This enhances the overall ability to hold the machine on steep terrain.

5. Stability

Our stand-on mowers are built with a low center of gravity for a more stable and safer cutting experience. This design lowers the risk of tipping and gives better traction when mowing on uneven or rough terrain.

6. Visual Range

Mowing in the stand-up position allows you the advantage of full visibility. This way you’re able to see everything that surrounds you while mowing and can easily maneuver as needed.
7. Low Clearance Ability

Contrary to what you may think, stand-on machines give you the ability to cut grass under objects with a low clearance such as tree branches or other obstacles because there are no ROPS to increase the height of the machine and you can duck down to continue mowing without harming efficiency.

8. Quick Exit

In the case of an emergency, stand-on mowers are top-notch when it comes to getting off the machine. These units have a quick exit strategy if you ever need to jump off for safety reasons. Just as you can exit with ease, you can also hop back on in no time and continue the job.
9. Rider Comfort

The position you mow can have an impact on your body, especially when mowing for multiple hours per day. These mowers use your leg muscles and feet as a shock absorber to lessen the strain on your lower back.

10. Walk-Behind Ability

Our flip-up suspension platform gives you the opportunity to easily transition from a stand-on mower to a walk-behind machine when loading onto a trailer, mowing on slopes, or when you simply need to get some steps in. No matter the reason, this is an exclusive feature to Gravely.

Stand-on machines serve a great purpose in the green industry, between comfort and compact size, to the efficiency and safety of the mower, our stand-on units are the perfect addition to your lawn care equipment arsenal.

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