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Top 3 Spring Lawn Care Tips From the Pros

A well-maintained lawn makes a house look like a home, adds aesthetic appeal, creates an inviting space, and can even add value to your home. But, especially for new homeowners, there are so many things to learn about lawn care.

The question is, how can you navigate all of it and get the lawn of your dreams? We’re here for you

We’ve got lawn care tips for every time of year to help keep your grass in tip-top shape, but it all starts with spring. Here are just a few tips and tricks you can use to maintain an attractive, healthy lawn as the temperatures get warmer.

1. Get to Know Your Lawn
The best lawn treatment and seed type varies from lawn to lawn. Knowing the approximate square footage of your lawn and what type of grass you have are key considerations before starting lawn maintenance for the season.

If you really want to go above and beyond, have your soil’s chemical composition checked to learn more about what it might need. If you have questions, talk to a lawn care professional near you.

2. Fertilize Regularly, Starting in Spring
You should fertilize your lawn a few times a year, with the first application being in early spring. The amount and type of fertilizer you use will depend on the type of grass you have.

This is why getting to know your lawn is such an important first step. If you’re not sure, your local garden center can help you decide what type of fertilizer to use.

3. Aerate
Tip #3 is aerating or pulling out small plugs of soil from your lawn to create openings for nutrient absorption. This can be a great start to the growing season and make for a better looking yard. Aerating helps the soil absorb more water and nourishment, which helps your grass grow thicker and stronger.

You should aerate your lawn at least once a year and getting it done in spring kicks things off for a perfect growing season.

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