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Top 3 Fall Lawn Care Tips From the Pros

With the warm weather coming to a close in some areas and the harsh reality of winter setting in soon enough, this isn’t the time to give up on your lawn. This is the time to prepare your yard for the colder months so it grows back better than ever when spring gets here.

That’s why we’ve compiled our top 3 lawn care tips to keep your yard growing strong.

1. Bagging Leaves 
It can be a time-consuming job but raking your lawn and keeping it clear of leaves and twigs can help it get the sun it needs to keep on growing. This also makes yard clearly look better and can stop certain diseases from affecting your grass.

It's ideal to keep your yard as clear as possible all year round, but let's be honest, no one succeeds 100% of the time when attempting to keep that up. The most important time to keep the yard clear is when the leaves fall because your lawn needs everything it can soak up to survive the winter.

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2. The Last Mow 
When doing the last mow of the season (probably in mid-late October or early November), don’t scalp your lawn. We repeat, do not scalp your lawn.

Grass goes dormant in the colder months, meaning it isn’t actively growing, so leaving grass blades above two inches long helps to give each blade more of a fighting chance when dealing with winter, which can lead to bright, healthy growth in the spring.

3. Care for your Mower
We don’t all have the time to sharpen or replace lawnmower blades as much as recommended, so another option is to use the off season to do broader lawn mower care such as blade replacements.

A dedicated lawn mower repair technician can also help you change the oil, check the blades, and anything else you might need to keep your mower running great this coming spring.

When prepping your mower for storage, be sure to empty the fuel tank so you don’t leave any sitting in the mower over the colder months. Otherwise, starting the machine for the first time in spring could be a bit tougher.

With these fall lawn care and mower tips in mind, don’t forget to make the last few mows of the season count. For parts and accessories like blades, a bagger or a head light kit, shop our Gravely parts store here.

Happy mowing!

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