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Lawn Talk: LandCare

As we continue to share stories from influential women in the green industry, that brings us to Macey Robinson, a Branch Manager for LandCare LLC. Robinson has worked for LandCare for nearly six years, beginning her career with the company as an Account Manager in Dallas, Texas and now fast-forwarding to currently moving closer to family and becoming the Branch Manager for LandCare’s Oklahoma City location, which has been a blessing as her and her husband recently welcomed a newborn into the world.  
macey-in-blog1.jpg“Family comes first, and it was time to make that jump. We’ve been blessed ever since,” she said.

Taking a step back, Robinson graduated from Oklahoma State University where she met her husband, with a degree in Landscape Management once she realized that business school just wasn’t for her. After deciding to pivot from business school, she had an interesting way of choosing her major.

Robinson gathered information on the degree programs that she was interested in and then looked to see which programs more of her credits would transfer to, which turned out to be two very opposite programs to say the least. Landscape Management or Fashion Merchandising, not exactly two worlds that collide often, but she ultimately chose the landscaping path.

“I love being outside and that’s why I think I inevitably chose the landscape route. I’m a very hands-on learner,” Robinson said. “I couldn’t suggest it enough to people. I think there’s a spot in the landscape industry for everybody.”

With that, she gave some advice to those who might be interested in getting involved in the green industry. “My biggest thing is, if you’re majoring in landscaping in college, do two internships…it gives you two very different sides of the industry.” Robinson explained that this tactic gives you a better understanding of landscaping as a whole and gives you the opportunity to find the exact area that you like best, but that’s not all.
Being in such a male-dominated industry, Robinson also had some advice for other women in the green space. “Stay confident. It isn’t always beautiful, no matter what support your company gives,” she went on to say, “LandCare gives great support to women, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.”

She explained that most of the time you’re working with 90% males. For example, Robinson previously was the only female in the office for a while. “I love that, I’m fine with that. All of my guys have always been super respectful to me, but there are times at industry events where that’s not the case,” she said. “You have to power through and be strong, which sucks, but I think you’re better for it.”

For Robinson, that’s one of the factors that drives her to keep working hard, “I love the challenge, I love being in a male-dominated industry because I know that I can do it just as well.”

Robinson mentioned that no matter what, there’s going to be tough times, but be ready to grind and work hard because that’s what ultimately makes your career.

Check out the full conversation with Macey Robinson below on our Lawn Talk video podcast where we dive a bit deeper into the behind-the-scenes of her role as a Branch Manager, how landscaping brought her and her husband together, the controversial H-2B Program, and more.


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