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Top 5 Sourcewell Questions Answered

When it comes to Sourcewell, there’s going to be some questions, but don’t worry, we’ve put together the top 5 things you should know when learning about the cooperative.

1. What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a self-funded governmental organization that we use to partner with educational, governmental, and nonprofit establishments. The organization is authorized to establish competitively awarded cooperative purchasing contracts as a representative of itself and the agencies involved.

In other words, Sourcewell allows government entities to purchase equipment at a competitive price with contracts that are ready to go, saving government purchasers time and money, plus, signing up is free.

They make sure to follow the competitive contracting law process to solicit, evaluate, and award the contracts to eligible organizations.

2. What’s the purpose of Sourcewell?

The purpose of Sourcewell is to give cooperative members the chance to purchase equipment through a contract, which can save members time and money.

3. Who qualifies for Sourcewell?

Any government agencies, public and private schools or colleges, tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations can register to work with Sourcewell as a participating agency. That can be done here.

4. How is Sourcewell funded?

One question that comes up quite often is how Sourcewell’s able to offer up contract purchases that save members time and money when they’re a self-funded organization and membership is free.

Well, the vendors that provide products to members financially support the cooperative. With Gravely being one of those vendors, we pay an administrative fee based on a certain percentage of sales processed through the solicitations process.

For example, the more contracts awarded to us through the cooperative, the higher the fees are that we pay to Sourcewell, which covers operational and contract costs.

5. How is Sourcewell governed?

Sourcewell is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected on a voting-basis, and made up of individuals including school board members, commissioners, city council members, and mayors.

For more information on Sourcewell, please check out our Gravely Governmental Page here or click this link for contact info.