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4 Benefits of Using Sourcewell

When people see the words ‘cooperative contract’ they may think it’s going to be difficult, stressful, and complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are four benefits of using Sourcewell Cooperative Contracts for your next power equipment purchase.

No Cost or Commitment     

Free is something we can’t complain about. Arguably one of the best parts about our Sourcewell Contract is that it’s free, meaning no membership fees or charges for using the cooperative.

Easy Process

This shouldn’t be an intimidating process and with the help of the Sourcewell procurement team, it’s not. They’ll help you understand the process, walk you through next steps, and already have a solicited contract ready to use.

Available Equipment

By using Sourcewell, you’ll never have to wonder if our Gravely Commercial Equipment is available with the contract because all commercial equipment’s available. This includes the Pro-Turn® EV, Pro-Stance® EV, and all attachments and accessories, making this a stress-free process.


Government purchases can be complex, but Sourcewell’s here to make sure everything lines up. Since they’re a government agency, they understand how technical the process can be, so they make sure to be compliant with all local and national regulations, making the process that much simpler.

To learn more about Sourcewell, how to qualify, or how to register, click here.

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