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5 Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

For over 50 years, Earth Day has been celebrated throughout the world to help raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment with everything we do, including the art of maintaining a healthy lawn.

We broke down the top 5 environmental benefits of keeping a well-maintained yard.

1. Reduces Pollution  

Your lawn plays an important role in reducing pollution, especially when it comes to the air. A healthy yard traps and removes dust and dirt from the air, making it cleaner and reducing the amount of pollution in the air we breathe.

Plus, your lawn covers a soil surface, which stops that dirt and dust from getting picked up and blown around.

2. Improves Water Quality

When you have a nice, thick lawn, this ultimately helps to prevent major runoff that can contain chemicals, which could pollute water and cause health issues. One way to help with this is to cut your lawn a bit higher than you typically would so the grass can grow deep roots.

Those deeper roots act like a filter and can get rid of pollutants as the water runs through the ground.

3. Supplies Oxygen

It’s no secret that plants create oxygen as part of the photosynthesis process, but it’s an important benefit to bring up.

Your lawn’s very efficient at producing oxygen. So efficient in fact, according to the University of Minnesota Extension, it’s estimated that a 25 square foot area of your healthy yard can provide a whole days’ worth of oxygen for an adult to live on.

4. Cooling Effect

When it comes to hot summer days, you’d most likely stay away from doing any activity on a burning blacktop and instead go for the back yard.

That’s because the temperature of your lawn can be 7 to 14°F cooler than asphalt. Some even say that planting grass could possibly reduce the total U.S. air conditioning energy requirements by 25%.

5. Controls Erosion

If you have a healthy lawn, you can help control erosion and benefit the environment. The key here is to have a strong strand of grass with deep roots to hold the soil in place.

With benefits like pollution reduction, water quality improvement, oxygen production, cooling technology, and erosion reduction, it’s easy to see how important it is to maintain a healthy lawn.

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