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Fan-Submitted Photos Show Versatility of Gravely® Atlas JSV™

When it launched in Oct. 2014, the Gravely​​® Atlas JSV™ was marketed as a vehicle made for work. The team that worked on taking the Atlas JSV from an idea to market imagined that it would be used by landscape contractors, govenment and municipal workers, and property managers. How​ever, in the year that it's been on the market, the uses for the Atlas JSV have grown exponentially.​

"When we were designing this vehicle, we wanted it to be a work vechicle," said Gravely Atlas JSV Product Manager Miguel Arciniega. "We thought it would be used on farms and large properties, but we've been amazed at the creative ways people are using the Atlas JSV."

​In fall 2015, Gravely launched two accessory kits for the vehicle, including a snow configuration for clearning and treating snow, and a landscaping configuration designed to help professional grounds crews, nurseries and municipalities transport tools and equipment.

"We want owners to do more with their Atlas JSV," said Arciniega. "These kits help owners get more value out of the Atlas JSV. Instead of letting the vehicle sit idle during the winter, these accessories ensure that it can be used all year. " 

For more information on the Atlas JSV and its accessories, visit our website​.


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