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Gravely Re-Designs Pro-Walk Commercial Walk-Behind Mower

Gravely® this year is excited to unveil the completely redesigned Pro-Walk® commercial walk-behind mower.

The Gravely® Pro-Walk® is a commercial-grade walk-behind mower designed for the professional landscaper. With welded deck designs in 48-, 52- and 60-inch sizes, the Pro-Walk incorporates enhancements that improve cut quality, durability, maneuverability and ease of use. The 2018 Pro-Walk was redesigned with features that make it easier to use than previous versions.

One of the most notable changes, the Pro-Walk now features Gravely's premium X-Factor™ II Deck, a 10-gauge, all-steel welded deck that comes backed with a lifetime warranty. The 10-gauge deck has an integrated wear bar on its front with two additional gussets to guard against the leading edge and to prevent baffle bending. The deeper deck also allows grass to move more fre​ely through the space, improving efficiency and quality of cut.​​

Now even easier to use, the Pro-Walk was designed with new, intuitive steering controls, which offer a shorter learning curve while providing precision handling. Ergonomics were also considered when designing the new steering panel. The new Pro-Walk controls position the operator in a neutral position, reducing wrist and arm fatigue. In addition, adjustable handlebars provide four height positions to accommodate operators of any size. Also contributing to the machine's ease of use, a wide wheel base provides superior hillside stability, while the flip-up side discharge chute increases maneuverability and reduces damage to the surrounding environment.

Last year, Gravely introduced an all-new constant-belt tensioning system to the market with the launch of the new Pro-Turn series. Now standard on the Pro-Walk, Gravely's constant belt-tensioning system enhances the unit's overall performance. The new system maintains a constant belt tension; which produces a consistent blade tip speed; eliminates belt slippage that can damage belts and pulleys; improves engine efficiency and reduces the load, which saves fuel and engine life; and eliminates spring adjustments to save time by assuring consistent cut quality.

In addition, the new deck level system features an exclusive design requiring only a four-point adjustment, reducing parts by 50 percent, which helps the mower maintain its best cutting performance. The deck level system also eliminates deck hanger welds, resulting in a flat deck and improving cut quality. A flip-up deck pin was added for easy access to the vital areas on top of the deck.

Also new on the Pro-Walk is the Hydro-Gear® ZT-2800 transmission. It boasts a one-inch axle for heavy loads to take the wear of any commercial cutting condition. The transmission also supports speeds of up to 8 mph and is strategically positioned on the machine to provide a lower center of gravity for increased hillside stability. In addition, the 2800 transmission has 89 percent fewer leak points than a traditional pump and wheel motor system.

The Pro-Walk features larger 20-inch rear tires, to help operators overcome challenging mowing conditions with less damage to the turf they are working on. Puncture-proof semi-pneumatic front tires make the Pro-Walk a long-lasting, durable machine.

"The new Gravely Pro-Walk was designed following feedback that we've received from landscape contractors across the country," said Ariens Company Senior Commercial Product Manager Trae Humphreys. "It features upgrades that increase efficiency and make this mower one of the easiest walk-behinds to operate. We really kept the user in mind when going through this re-design, and incorporated things that would make their job easier."

The Pro-Walk series are offered in 48-, 52-, 60-inch deck sizes, and is available with Kawasaki® engine options. A 36-inch deck option will be available in model year 2018. The Pro-Walk starts at a list price of $6,989 USD.